Mini Payday haul!

Hey guys! It’s just a pretty short post from me today but I wanted to show you a couple of things that I picked up when I got paid. If you’re anything like me you know how hard it is to avoid the urge to spend your entire months wages on the 28th of every month. I did manage to resist spending everything this month but I couldn’t quite resist a couple of cheeky spends.


boohoo delivery

From Boohoo I picked up this body suit and skirt, the body suit was £12 and the skirt was £6. I love the body suit, I think it’s so nice and I felt super good when I wore it. The skirt I’m not completely in love with, it’s not the colour I was expecting so it looks a bit funny but I think that it won’t be so bad in the summer or just generally when I put some effort into getting a bit of a tan.

Feel Unique

feelunique delivery

From feel unique I picked up one actual product and I used their pick’n’mix sample offer that they have. I also had a voucher code for a free benefit selection and make up bag.

I got the benefit gimme brow in medium which was £20 and I’ve used it a few times and I really like it. I don’t know if I like it enough to buy it again but it’s definitely a good product. I’ve tried using it on its own but I don’t love it alone because whilst it does define your brows a little it’s not as effective as when you fill them in with powder first. Having said that, I need to try it again after I get my brows waxed to see how it properly looks.

The voucher I got from my boohoo order was for spending £20 and you get a free beauty bag and I also got 3 benefit samples in a cardboard ‘book.’

In the pick’n’mix offer where you pay £3.95 delivery but get this back as a voucher off your next purchase, I got a sample of the prada candy perfume, sachujuan over night hair repair sample, a caudal instant detox mask sample, a love boo body smoother sample and a first aid beauty ultra repair cream sample.



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