Mr and Mrs Percival: 20th May 2017

Theres been months and months, even years, of planning for the day where my brother and his beautiful bride tied the knot! It’s an incredibly special thing for my brother to have met the girl of his dreams who just so happens to be an amazing woman who has become one of my best friends! When they got engaged I was honoured to be asked to be her bridesmaid and I couldn’t have been happier when I shed a tear proceeding her down the aisle.


pre wedding

The fun began on Friday, my brother picked me up from Essex and after getting breakfast together we headed to Cambridge and set up the reception venue. A fair few glasses of bubbles were consumed as we all ate dinner together before going to the church for a rehearsal and run through of everything that we were to expect the following day.

We went back to Charlottes mums house to get our nails done and have one last night of girly fun before she officially tied the knot and became a Percival! make up

We all woke up very early on Saturday morning to shouts of ‘Here comes the bride!’ We ate some breakfast and got ourselves ready because, despite the wedding being far later in the day at 1pm, we had a hair dressers appointment at 8am! We all showered and bundled down to the hair dressers where more bubbles were consumed and hair was curled, styled and pinned to with in an inch of our lives! The make up artist arrived and got to work transforming us into beautiful brides and bridesmaids, something which I’m worried I can now never recreate!

Once we were all fully made up and mostly beautiful, there was only one thing left to do, well there were a few things, but the most important one was to get those dresses on! The next hour or so was a complete whirlwind of buttons, hooks and eyes, lipsticks, hair checks and very posed photographs! Once everyone was dressed and ready the bridesmaids hopped into our car and Charlotte and her dad got into the VW camper van which had been decked out for the occasion.

ready to go.jpg

The rest of the day was a complete whizz of emotions, love and so much fun! We walked down the aisle, we posed for a million photos, we ate some delicious food and we just had the best time celebrating an amazing couple!

I could not be happier to have been invited to be a part of such a special day, I am so proud of my brother for managing to keep hold of a complete diamond and I hope they both always remember just how special they both are, I mean really, they’re something special!

If you fancy seeing any more photos once the official ones are released or you just wanna see a few more photos of general life through some rose gold tinted glasses check out my Instagram @aliceisanonymous and let me know you read the blog!

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