Sunday 21st May: Going vegan?

Today has been a pretty mundane day, mostly I’ve been very hungover and very tired but I thought that I would still write a post because theres something that I’ve been thinking a lot about today and I wanted to share it with you guys and hopefully get some opinions.

Since we had stayed at the reception venue from the wedding we woke up and had breakfast with all of the family in the morning. I tucked into some toast, croissants and plenty of orange juice and tea. The morning was a bit of a blur of getting everything together and working out who and what was going where! Once everything had been loaded into the cars we went to Charlottes mum’s house where Simon and Charlotte spent plenty of time opening all of their cards and presents!

Tom and I decided to call it a day as we were both very tired so we drove home and spent some time relaxing in the garden. We walked the dog to the shops so I could get some lunch for work and some chips for dinner – perfect! The evening has been a relaxing few hours of sharing photographs, watching say yes to the dress and writing blog posts!

I have been doing some research and have been thinking a lot about making another change to my diet. I have already made a solid decision that meat is no longer a part of my diet however I would like to take my commitment one step further and start removing animal products. I would like to go fully vegan and I’m undecided on the best way to approach this. I’m torn between going cold turkey and cutting it all out or taking a gradual approach to find alternatives and cut things out one at a time. If you or anyone you know is vegan or trying to be please give me any advice or tips that you can possibly think of! Equally, if you know any good vegan blogs or recipes let me know because I really want to find the best way to make this change!

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