Bank Holiday Weekend!

Saturday 27th May

Saturday was a lovely day! We woke up reasonably early before spending some time just chilling in the sunshine. I went to tesco to get croissants, some fresh bread for lunch, alcohol, a new book and a fathers day card. When I got back we had some breakfast and spent the day laying outside in the sun reading our books. Perfect. I cracked open the malibu at lunch time to give me a bit of a spring in my step as my boyfriend and I got ready and headed to canary wharf to do a spot of shopping. I bought a new pair of sunglasses because my £1.50 primark ones were starting to really annoy me every time they fell off my face! I also picked up a beautiful dress which I plan to wear to my cousins wedding and my boyfriends graduation which was a bit too much money really but I love it!

After we had finished shopping we headed to my boyfriends brothers house for a bbq. We had some drinks and we ate food and had a really good time. My boyfriends brother and I are both vegetarian so I actually got some decent veggie food, makes a change for a bbq when you don’t bring your own food! We had black bean and sweet potato burgers, grilled courgette sticks and veggie skewers. It was super yummy and I had a great time. We called it a day pretty early because it turns out my boyfriend and I are both 80 year olds and we just don’t enjoy that night life any more!

Sunday 28th May

This was another pretty early start, I’m not sure if its a good thing or not but my boyfriend and I both wake up stupidly early whenever we’re both home. If one of us has work we’ll actually sleep in, often when my boyfriend’s working on a weekend I won’t surface until around 1pm. We spent the morning much like we had done the day before, relaxing in the garden in the sun! I got some brownie bits organised ready to head out to a meeting with the other girls who I run brownies with and I spent the rest of the afternoon there! When I left I think I took every wrong turn that I could have taken and I ended up goodness only knows where! My boyfriend has a tracker on my phone (for times like this, I’m useless with direction, not because he’s a stalker, I think..) so I rang him to get directions because I didn’t want to stop and set up my satnav but I’d gone so far wrong that even he couldn’t help me! After half an hour of driving in the wrong direction I had to pull into a mcdonalds car park and set up the satnav to get me home! Oops. On the bright side, after all the mistakes it meant dinner was ready when I got home!

black bean enchiladas.jpg

Monday 29th May

I woke up with one plan for the day, to get my coursework finished. Two things ended up happening this day and neither one of them was coursework! I sat down at my desk at 8am and said to myself, I’ll just type up this one bit of brownie paperwork and then I’ll get right onto my coursework. I was so engrossed with what I was doing that it was 6pm by the time I was finished! The only other thing that I did was make a quick trip to tesco because I ran out of staples mid-stapling. It’s a very wild life I lead. On the bright side, even if I didn’t achieve anything I had set out to do, I had a super productive day and got so much brownie work organised.


Do you get bank holidays off from work? What did you do with your extra day? 


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