9th – 13th June 2017: Cornwall

For as long as I can remember I have heard friends and family talking about Cornwall, the beautiful beaches, the incredible views, the very different night life and it’s general pull. It’s always been on the list of places that I want to get to but, being an English seaside, I’d never gotten around to it.

Rewind a few months and my cousin got engaged (congratulations!) Whilst he is family, I’ve never really had that much of a relationship with any of my cousins so I have to say that I was a little surprised however extremely grateful to be invited to the wedding. There was no official invite for a while however there were rumours that they were to be married in Cornwall three weeks after my brothers wedding. While the incredibly long drive seemed daunting, I was very excited at the prospect of a weekend away and couldn’t wait to see what everyone else saw of Cornwall.

My boyfriend asked if I would like to stay for a few extra days after the wedding so that we could explore a little more and spend some time away. Of course I jumped at the chance however there only ended up being one day where we didn’t see anyone we knew! Of course my family were there for the same wedding and as luck would have it, my boyfriends dad happened to have a wedding on the same day just down the road.

Friday 9th June

insta stories - off we go

Back story over lets get into the trip itself! Tom and I both took Friday off and we decided to set off reasonably early so that we could actually spend some of the day doing something! We headed off with intentions that we would do half of the drive each, as it happened Tom decided to do all of the drive himself and I only drove the last 20 minutes where there was no chance of me screwing up!

The journey itself was quite nice, even if it was long! I managed to listen to plenty of episodes of tell ’em Steve Dave and saw some lovely scenery, I wasn’t quite so good at capturing the scenery but I did try! Especially when we drove past stone henge and I took about 30 photos trying to get a decent one. The photo above clearly shows that it didn’t happen, every photo has a dirty window smudge, Tom’s nose or the wing mirror in but I tried! When we eventually arrived, we parked up and went for a wander. Since we hadn’t properly eaten at all that morning (only the road snacks which I had thoughtfully prepared – quavers and caramel digestives cannot be beaten!) I decided that lunch was the necessary first stop to keep my hanger at bay. Unfortunately ‘the walkabout’ in Newquay didn’t have much in the way of vegetarian options but I did really enjoy my avocado and halloumi wrap.

Hanger (hang-ger): Bad tempered or irritable as a result of lack of food. 

Food/anger issues resolved, we decided it was about time to suss out where ‘Uncle Tom’s cabin’ was. My boyfriend and I love to travel to different places and a part of that experience for us is where we stay. We decided to give air b’n’b a try for the first time and I have to say I had such a good experience and it will definitely be our new best friend when it comes to booking trips. We wanted to go for something a little bit different so my boyfriend booked a little cabin in the woods* really close to town. If you’d like to check out my full review of Uncle Tom’s Cabin check that out here, if not just enjoy these photos, #cabinporn.

*Technically it’s in someones back garden but it really felt like you were in the woods. Sort of. 

The rest of my family arrived later in the evening so we cooked ourselves some pizza and we watched pretty little liars and jane the virgin until they were all at their house down the road. We got ready and met up with them for a few drinks in the pub before heading back to the cabin since we knew we all had a long day in store! I have to say, as beautiful as the views were during the day time – they had nothing on the twinkling lights over the lake that we were greeted with when we came back at 1am. Wow.

Saturday 10th June

Today was the wedding day however the wedding wasn’t until later in the afternoon so we had plenty of time to start our day slowly with tea and omelettes (which turned into scrambled egg) and a visit from Tom’s dad. Once we were ready we headed to the house where my family were staying and since between them, my brothers had forgotten pretty much an entire suit, we took a trip into the local shopping town of Truro and we picked up a few bits.

family shopping trip

I didn’t need anything but I did end up picking up some aftershave for Tom, a floppy hat, Fleur de force eyelashes and a new week planner. We grabbed some lunch from Burger king (onion rings, fries and a crown for me) and we headed back to the house to get ready. I have to say, even when you think you’ve got plenty of time, theres no rush like 9 people trying to get ready in one house all at the same time. It’s a crazy fight over showers, mirrors, plug sockets and people. “Alice, can you straighten my hair?” “Okay, but I need you to put my eyelashes on!”

family before wedding.jpg

In the ended we all made it and I have to say the wedding was really lovely. The bride and groom did make a request that no wedding photos were shared until after their second ceremony back at home so this is it for today but if you’re interested in seeing the beachiest wedding I’ve ever been to check out my instagram where I will post some photos once it’s time! (Instagram: aliceisanonymous)

Sunday 11th June

Despite the amount I drank the night before, I woke up feeling surprisingly spritely! My brother came to pick us up and drove us back to their house (we had left the car there the night before) and we said goodbye to everyone as they began the 6 hour journey back! Tom and I met up with his dad and they went body boarding while I relaxed on the very windy beach and read for a while.

surfer dude

Once they were done we headed into the town to get chips and go for a wander. We went to a pub for lunch where I had a really yummy falafel and pitta platter (try saying that after having a drink!) and then we headed to his dads hotel to chill in the beer garden. It was a pretty lazy day but I was still grateful for the evening in, we cooked pasta and watched Jane the Virgin, after so much walking!

lunch time day 3

Monday 12th June

Monday was our first day just the two of us so we had a slow morning before we went to the beach, Tom did some more body building and I did some more reading. We got more chips and we walked around the town more! We went in the arcades and watched the surfers. It was a really lovely day just spending time with my best friend. We went back to the cabin to have left over pasta for lunch and then we got ready to go out again. We spent some more time watching the sea, wandering around the shops and wasting money in the arcades (although I did win a keyring!) We went to a pub for dinner and then we went to a bar called Whiskers which, as the name would suggest, was a crazy cat bar. They had an open mic night and we heard a poet perform but the bar was super quiet and we were both really tired so after a passionfruit daiquiri and SoCo and lemonade we walked home.

Tuesday 13th June

Theres really not a lot to report, our final morning we packed up all of our things, we tidied up the cabin and we set off home.

All in all I had a great time and loved every minute of my first trip. I definitely think it won’t be the last trip and I can’t wait to share my next adventure with you all!




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