Family Festival 2017

As the name would suggest, I spent the weekend at a local festival with my family. It was lovely to head home for a few days, not stress about my work and enjoy spending time with my family. I had lots of fun playing with my god daughter, catching up with the family and watching my brother and sister in law’s wedding videos!

I’ve been sharing wedding photos on my instagram where I post every day if you’re interested in checking those out @aliceisanonymous

I was planning to drive back home on the Friday night however since my boyfriend had to work late on Sunday and wasn’t planning to come home, I decided to spend an extra night with him and drop him off at the station on Saturday morning. Saturday morning, I packed my bags, washed my hair and dropped my boyfriend off to the station and then I was on my way home. I got home and my brother helped me wash my car (even with the help I didn’t do such a good job!) before we all got ready and headed to the local village green where we met up with my grandparents. We spent some time wandering around all of the stalls, we got drinks and pastries and generally had lots of fun.

After we were all thoroughly sunburnt and exhausted, we headed home to watch my brothers wedding video and have a look at all of the photos before we got ourselves ready to head back up to the festival where they were having live music for the evening.

Sunday was another fun day although not so much since I had to drive home in the evening and therefore couldn’t drink! The brownies came third place in their ‘beach’ themed sculpture competition and I ate lots of chips and played with my goddaughter more. I eventually decided to call it a day and drive home when my boyfriend surprised me by coming home early!

All in all I had a great weekend and it was great to spend time with my family!



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