Beach Inspired | 12/07/17

I want to write more posts on this little blog of mine, however I’m fully aware that it’s pretty boring for me to write ‘work, dinner, bed’ every day, and I’m sure it’s even more boring for you to read it! I’ve finally come up with a solution to this so I’ve decided to take on the ‘365 creative writing prompts’ challenge. I still want to blog about travel, lifestyle and some journaling whenever I do something interesting, however on the days where I don’t do anything worth writing about, I plan to work my way through the list of writing prompts. I’m not planning to do them in order but this is the list that I plan to use if you’re interested to see. If you do your own daily writing, with or without the prompts I’d love to see so let me know! Equally if you have any of your own prompt ideas, drop me a comment or a message because I’d love to know!

Todays writing prompt is: Beach Inspired

I chose this prompt because I have spent the evening looking through my boyfriends old childhood photos and one of the albums was full of photos from one of their beach holidays. I love the beach, however I have only ever been to beaches in the UK so I don’t really know what a true beach holiday is like.

My parents used to own a house right by the beach which was incredible because it meant I could go on beach holidays in all seasons, theres something really magical about building a snowman on the beach. I love the sound and the motion of the sea and how deep it is, I’m honestly amazed by the way the sea can polish stones and erode cliffs.

I could sit and watch the beach all day, there’s something so peaceful about just watching the natural world move, the people relaxing and enjoying their holiday and of course mooching in the little seaside shops. I might not have ever experienced a proper sunny beach holiday, but who can resist a cosy little UK beach.


This photo is of a day when Tom and I took a spontaneous road trip to Southend because we had just bought a new car and that’s excuse enough really! It was really quiet but it actually turned out to be the nicest day. The sun was shining, we had hours of fun in the arcades, wasting all of our time and money but it did not matter one bit because we had such a great time together. We chatted and ate chips and it was one of those days where your cheeks just ache because you’ve spent so much time smiling! This photo shows one of my absolute favourite seaside snacks – the doughnut. I challenge you to find one treat that can go up against the beach shack doughnut. This photo also reminds me of the laughs we had trying to get this shot, whenever I’m trying to take a creative shot, I try and do it myself, fail a few times and then have to swallow my pride and ask Tom to help me and hold the subject of the image. If you check back on my instagram you’ll find so many photos where this is the case!

leigh on sea.jpg

This is my next beach photo, taken on Valentines day when my boyfriend asked me to take the day off work and he planned a day out for the two of us. It was so lovely walking around the little seaside village hand in hand, looking at all the little bits and pieces that we didn’t need to buy but loved picking up anyway! The sun was really shining and I managed to get some beautiful shots, this is one of my favourites because of the amazing colours and how far back the image goes. I think this was one of my best valentines days, mostly because the one before was a rocky one which very nearly turned into the end of my relationship, I’m so glad it wasn’t though otherwise I would have missed all of the incredible moments that have come since.


Finally, a very recent sandy beach shot where I relaxed on my pink towel, wrapped up in my blanket because it was actually super cold, and tried to spot my boyfriend bobbing in the sea while I listened to my favourite podcast. At the time I was hungry, cold and a little bit grumpy, but I do love the photo and it wasn’t all bad! The holiday in general was great and I did have a really great time despite being cold a lot of the time!

I hope that next time I write about beaches that I will have some hotdog leg photos to share from a proper beach holiday, but for now I’m happy with the southend’s and the great yarmouths that the UK has to offer!

Where is your favourite beach?

Love, Alice x



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