Con-grad-ulations! | 11/07/17

As much as I resent my boyfriend for waking me up at 5am this morning, I am bursting with pride as I know today is the day that he gets his masters degree. It’s taken two tough years, thousands of pounds, tears, arguments and millions of words but I could not be more proud of him.

congradulations gift.jpg

Its full of these emotions that I drag myself out of bed at 5am to jump in the shower, do my hair and make up and get myself dressed in the nice new Zara blouse which I didn’t need, but I treated myself to with the employee of the month money that I won from work! We set off at 6 after a busy morning trying to get everyone ready and we began the journey to Leicester, all I can say is I’m glad I wasn’t driving! My boyfriend is getting stressed because we were a little late leaving and the cars around us are getting stressed because they’re stuck in the inevitable morning traffic.

We eventually make it to Leicester with time to spare, we collect his cap and gown and  we still have time to sit down in Starbucks with a tea and a lemon and poppyseed muffin – perfect! Once we’re ready we headed back to De Montfort Hall where we take our seats, spend some time mooching through the lovely programmes (complete with a very long list of names of everyone graduating that day and a cheat sheet to the meanings of all of the different gown colours!) and we enjoy the, slightly Harry Potter-esque, music that is going on. The building itself is beautiful, very high ceilings, beautiful colours and an organ to rival the best organ I’ve ever seen!

de monfort hall

We make ourselves as comfortable as you can get in a stiff wooden chair and we watch the long graduation ceremony. The highlights are, of course, watching Tom walk across the stage and shake the chancellors hand, an inspiring speech from Michael Attenborough and a beautiful opera performance which, although I can’t say I’m the biggest opera fan, it definitely broke up the event!


Once all the fun is over, we head to the photo studio to take some official photos and grab some nibbles and a free tote bag in the marquee before we return his gown and cap and jump back in the car ready to begin the journey back home. We make a quick stop to fill ourselves up on mcdonalds since we’ve been awake since 5am and barely eaten a thing – except the bag of quavers that I had for breakfast! I was intending to drive home so that Tom could have a drink but it’s lucky that I didn’t as I ended up sleeping pretty much the whole journey home!

tom with his degree.jpg

We finally make it home and I head to bed to catch up on some youtube videos and take a nap, I have to say I’m pretty surprised to wake up and find that it’s already time to get ready to go out again for a celebratory dinner! We all get ourselves ready – again – and head into Hornchurch.


We go to ASK Italian for some dinner and generally have a lovely time together chatting and munching! The only thing that ruined that day was that they took so long to get us the bill that we ended up missing the first few minutes of Love Island – ridiculous!

All in all, it was a great day and I’m so proud of my boyfriend, I really never knew that he was clever enough to get a masters degree!

Love, Alice x


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