The Rocket Ship | 13/07/17

When I was looking through my list of writing prompts, one that really stuck out to me was ‘the rocket ship.’ It reminded me of a short story that I wrote when I was younger and I used to write a lot of short (usually not too good) stories. I’m surprised that I even remembered any of this since it was so long ago and I have not thought of it once since! I wish I still had the time to write short stories and hopefully once I finish my course I’ll find that time again but I thought why not try and recreate what I can remember of a story that I believe was called something along the lines of ‘a pink land far far away,’ but for the purposes of this post we’ll call it ‘The rocket ship.’ Since it’s a Thursday night and work, brownies and love island have already occurred, It’s just the opening to an interesting story but if I ever do find the original one day I’d love to upload it! 

“John,” called Katrina, “is that you?”
As Katrina lay there, still in a daze, she heard a muffled cry and some movement against the unfamiliar surface below her. She was shocked to look down and see fields of grass, but not as she knew it. The grass was pink, everywhere she looked – pink. It took a moment for her eyes to adjust to the new, bright hue but as she looked around she saw that in fact, everything was pink, the grass, the trees, the flowers, even the sky. She was shocked but also somewhat amused, “I must be dreaming,” she muttered to herself.

John couldn’t open his eyes for, even with them closed, the bright lights were intense and he had a bit of a headache. I suppose you would get a headache too if you had just travelled through millions of light years with the intention to discover whether pluto really was a planet, but instead crashed into this completely unique planet which was very, very pink. John could hear someone calling his name, he didn’t recognise the voice and it sounded a long way away. Eventually he dragged himself into a sitting position and readied himself to open his eyes.

“John, I’m so glad you’re okay!” Katrina stroked Johns arm and embraced him warmly. John finally opened his eyes, he was surprised to see that he did not recognise the woman in front of him. “Uh, h-hello?” John stuttered.
Katrina thought John was as shocked as she was at their current, pink, surroundings and she laughed as she repeated her embrace. “I have no idea what this place is”

“I have no idea who you are,” John replied, Katrina laughed once more, John always was the joker of the couple. John looked completely serious as Katrina tried to explain, “I think something must have happened to the rocket ship on the way, we were definitely headed in the right direction but I remember a bang and some flashing lights. I wonder if we can fix it.” John had no memories of the woman in front of him and certainly had no idea what she was talking about. “Rocket ship? I don’t understand, I think I was -”
“Sleeping?” Katrina cut him off, “yes, I think you were. I imagine that’s the reason we’ve ended up in this mess!”
John was stunned, who did this woman think she was blaming him for something that, quite frankly, he had no clue about! “I’m your wife,” Katrina answered Johns unspoken question. “I don’t know what you thought you were doing falling asleep at the control desk of a very important mission. How you’re ever going to forgive yourself if anything happens to me on this… Where are we again?”

John took a deep breath and reminded himself that since he had no idea who this woman was, it probably wasn’t really him that she was angry with. John decided to the the bigger man and apologies, although for what, he still wasn’t quite sure. “I should think you owe me an apology, putting me at risk like that and for what? All for an extra episode of – wait, what? You’re sorry?” Katrina stopped mid rant, she wasn’t quite used to John apologising without first storming out and later sending flowers. She wasn’t sure how she felt about this new husband of hers, maybe he did hit his head.

This is something a bit different for me so any feedback would be massively appreciated, if you liked this make sure to let me know so I can write more of this style of post, equally if you’d like to read something a bit different I’m always open to trying new things! I’d be so grateful for any criticism as one day I would like to write so I’d like to take every opportunity to improve my skills. 

I’m fully aware that the story is a bit out there and I don’t want anyone to go crazy with the details, don’t forget this is a brief recollection of a short ‘story’ I wrote over 10 years ago so it’s no Shakespeare!

Love, Alice x

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