Bubbles, beer and a BBQ | 15/06/17

My boyfriend has swanned off to visit his dad for the weekend and I’ll be damned if I’m going to sit in the house on my own watching crappy telly with the dog. Having said that I’m not one for going out too much so I decided that a happy compromise would be to just invite a friend over to sit on the sofa and watch crappy telly with the dog instead of doing it alone.

The morning wasn’t brilliantly fun, I wasted the first few hours of my day doing coursework, making examples for brownie camp, making the bed and walking the dog.

Eventually all of the boring bits were done and it’s time to go and get my friend, I pick her up to the soundtrack of high school musical 2 blaring out and we make our way to tesco. We had decided to get some drinks and a disposable BBQ however since I don’t eat meat she agreed to try some veggie burgers and sausages. The one mistake I did make was that those little £2.50 disposable BBQ’s are not designed for cooking frozen veggie burgers so they did not work out and it would not have been safe at all for us to eat those!

We headed back to mine and got started on the drinks, we watched Mama Mia, chatted and munched on crisps before we decided that it was BBQ time and we got started. Mostly, she cooked the food (or tried) and I played with the bubble machine and the dog, super fun stuff!

Overall it was lots of fun although we did decide that, for our safety we would give the burgers a miss and we walked to Tesco (also for our safety as I had far too much to drink to even consider driving!) We made it to Tesco only to see that it was shut so we turned around and headed back in the other direction to the chip shop and we had chips for dinner instead.

bubble party

The evening got later, the sky got darker and we continued to eat chips, drink malibu (until that ran out then we moved onto the disaronno, until that ran out and it was cider time!) and chat about everything. We set up plenty of candles and fairy lights and had eventually we came in and watched Mulan before calling it a night.

What is your ideal Saturday night?

Love, Alice x


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