Gratitude | 18/07/17

Today has been a rough day, I won’t go into it because thats not what this post is about but a nosebleed and a smashed phone were just the tip of the iceberg today! I think tough days are there to test you though and whilst I’m 99% certain that I did not pass whatever test was thrown my way, I think it made me think about all of the good things and I’m truly grateful for the people and things which gave me relief from my difficult day.

Good Friends

I don’t think I’m wrong in saying that good friends are hard to come by, having said that I seem to have been extremely lucky and found myself a few brilliant ones! One of them really helped me out today by giving me a should to cry (or moan!) on, a listening ear and a thoughtful response. She is a friend who I would never want to lose and I consider myself so lucky to have found her. I have to say moving away from home was such a daunting process and especially moving to a new town (and county!) without knowing anyone apart from my boyfriend. The first few weeks that I was living here I honestly thought that I was never going to make friends and I would be forever wanting to go home back to all of my friends and family. Little did I know that a year on I would have said that the move was the best thing that I have ever done and I’ve actually made some of the most incredible friends as a result! Although I’m almost certain that she does not read this little blog – I’m pretty sure she has know idea that it exists, but if by some crazy coincidence you are reading this Elise: Thank you, you have no idea how much your friendship means to me, how much all of the unloading you allow me to do has helped me and how special all of our memories are to me. You really are an amazing person and I consider myself so lucky to call you a friend.

Caring Colleagues

Something which is incredibly rare to find is a workplace full of women who love each other so much. Don’t get me wrong we have our differences and our arguments and our bugbears but I do count myself lucky to work in such a caring and welcoming company. Just one example of this really showed today when, as I have mentioned I wasn’t having a good day, I was feeling really under the weather and probably having a bit of a grump. I know that its annoying when someone is not having a great day because it puts a little bit of extra pressure on everyone else who has to pick up the slack. Instead of being frustrated with me or letting me have my bad day on my own, everyone was supportive, double checking that I was okay and helping me however they could. One woman who I work with in particular was very supportive, double checking that I was okay, taking on extra tasks to make my load easier, reminding me to take a break and breathe and when I went to leave, she reminded me something that is so important but so easily forgotten; “go home, relax and let go of your stresses, don’t overwork and look after yourself tonight.” I know it’s easy to say things like that but it was an incredibly genuine message and I have to say, whilst I’m not a particularly emotional person, it did strike a chord that someone who realistically I just work with and doesn’t have to care, really cares about me and my wellbeing.

A thoughtful boyfriend

My boyfriend, as much as I love him, is not always the best at dealing with my moods, and I really don’t blame him because I’m not very good at dealing with my moods either! Today we ended up having a little row in the car on the drive home over something that he really didn’t deserve to have me screaming at him for – I’m pretty sure he was only trying to help! When we got home I did feel bad and I made dinner to apologise and made a joke about how if he loved me he would buy me the new beauty and the beast DVD that has just come out. He knows it was a joke and definitely didn’t buy it because he felt like he had to, but he bought it for me because he knew it would make me happy and it really did lift my mood. Not for the materialistic fact that he bought me something that I wanted however but for the fact that he wanted to do something to make me happy and it really reminded me how lucky that I am to call him my boyfriend. I did a little appreciation post on instagram yesterday but I feel like today really reinforced that for me so Tom, even though I’m pretty sure you won’t read this I love you. I love everything about you, the way you make me feel, how much you care about me, how willing you are to help me with anything, the fact that you always have time to give to me no matter how much you need to get done yourself. I know that you would rather spend your time a million other ways than watching disney movies in bed with me because I’m having a bad anxiety day but you do it anyway. I am so grateful for every single memory that I have with you because each and every one of those memories are so special because they are shared with my very best friend and the man of my dreams. I could honestly go on for days but I think the only way to really sum it up is to say; Thank you Tom, you’re my best friend and the man of my dreams, if I could, I would move the earth for you but it would never compare to how much you mean to me.

What are you grateful for today?

Love, Alice x

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