Empty Products | 23/07/17

One of my favourite blog posts to read are reviews and whilst I never feel like I have enough to say about one product to do a full on review I decided that I would give a ‘products I’ve used up’ post a try. I must have something to say if I’ve used up the whole bottle (or tub or tube – we’re inclusive of all shapes and sizes here!)

foam burst

“This luxurious body wash transforms from a smooth gel into an abundance of rich, creamy lather that glides across your skin like silk. Immerse yourself in a delicious heavenly fragrance with this sumptuous vanilla and cherry blossom body wash. Leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth after just one wash. Our expertly crafted blend delivers a unique fragrance burst and a lather so rich and silky it can also be used for shaving.”

First up is a product which has always intrigued me so when I made my last Superdrug order – there seem to be a lot of those – I decided I would give it a try. It is such an odd product, I’ll be honest. I got the sweet vanilla and cherry blossom and it smells incredible, if anyone starts doing this scent in a perfume I’m all ears! The bottle claims that it will last you 40 showers and I don’t know if I was using too much but it definitely didn’t last 40 showers, I would say it only lasted me about 20 if that! I think this is such a nice product that really does make your skin feel soft and smooth and it’s really great for shaving and leaving a lovely finish. Having said that I have to say theres something kind of odd about smearing shaving foam all over your body, it just doesn’t give you that clean feeling that some other shower gels and body washes do. I think I would buy another bottle of this and I would recommend trying it because it’s definitely an experience, if that’s even a way to describe a shower gel, but I think for me personally I think that for a body wash you just want to be feeling ‘clean’ after you’re done.

hand soap

“Washing your hands with new Sanex hygiene naturally removes bacteria while respecting your skin. It contains a natural antibacterial ingredient and Dermo active 3 complex to care for your hands, respecting your skin every time you use it.”

I’ll be honest, how much can I really say about a hand soap – not a tonne but here’s what I think anyway! This smelt really clean which is always a good sign, my hands felt super clean after using it and it was definitely moisturising which is good. There’s nothing worse than your hands feeling tight and dry after washing them because of a rubbish soap! I will definitely purchase this again and I believe whatever they’re telling me about the good stuff because I have experienced nothing to suggest otherwise!

mango sugar scrub

“Intensively exfoliating sugar scrub containing mango extract derived from the mangifera indica fruit.”

This product was great value, I can’t remember the price but I remember it was very reasonable for the size. Unfortunately for me though, I didn’t really love the product so that ‘never ending’ quality was a bit frustrating! It definitely did a good job exfoliating and it smelled incredible but it leaves such a sticky residue on the skin after that it just made me feel like I’d been washing in fruit juice! I don’t really use a lot of sugar scrubs so I don’t know if that’s totally normal and in which case its sugar scrubs that are not for me or whether it’s just an issue that I had with this product specifically but unfortunately I don’t think I’ll be repurchasing.

shower gel

“Give yourself a pamper with a boost of Superdrug shea butter and bamboo shower gel. Step into the shower and take pleasure in the nourishing shea butter aroma to help you feel clean and comforted for the day ahead. A perfect way to calm your senses.”

I really liked this shower gel and for the price it was great, unfortunately so did my boyfriend so I only used about half the bottle as he was sneaking it in his showers too! This shower gel also mentions that it is vegan friendly and cruelty free which is of course an extra win and I’m really pleased with it. I would definitely repurchase and can’t really think of anything that annoyed me about this which is great! It smelled lovely, the bottle was really easy to get the product out of and it left me feeling clean but also moisturised.

shampoo and conditioner

“The rich lathering shampoo replenishes much needed moisture to your thirsty tresses.”
“Indulge in thirst quenching hydration from root to tip that will leave your hair soft and sweetly scented.”

I really liked this shampoo and conditioner, I’ve always loved herbal essences as a brand and I thought that I would try these as my hair has been looking dry recently however these have really worked their magic and it’s looking much healthier. I love the scent, I am a complete sucker for coconut! I’ve already repurchased these and one, slightly odd, thing that I loved was that the two bottle ran out at exactly the same time. I’m not sure if that was some strange coincidence or what but there is nothing more frustrating than the shampoo running out before the conditioner or vice versa!

That’s it for the products that I’ve finished up recently, have you used any of these products? What did you think of them, let me know in the comments! 

Love, Alice x


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