Graduation Celebrations | 22/07/17

Whilst I have no photos to share with you on the first part of my day because the first half of my Saturday was spent at work, I did want to tell you a little bit about it.

I woke up early – my favourite thing to do on a Saturday – and I got ready for work. I met the rest of the work girls at Mcdonalds for breakfast before we started and then we went to work and got ready setting up everything for our graduation ceremony. It was a beautiful ceremony and a lovely way to say goodbye to all of the children who were leaving us for big school! All of the staff did speeches about their children who were leaving and the children dressed in caps and gowns and sang some songs.

The were laughs, smiles and tears – the perfect goodbye. 

Work over we headed to costa for a hot chocolate and a debrief and then I picked up my new copy of beauty and the beast which my lovely boyfriend ordered for me! I haven’t watched the dvd yet (I saw the film in the cinema for my birthday) but I can’t wait to have a proper movie night – I’m going to need something after love island finishes!

I got some more work done and I am so close to getting my evenings and weekends back from the cold, cruel grip of coursework, I can’t wait! My boyfriend’s mum came back from lakeside and showed me all of the lovely bits that she had bought her niece and the new baby (Check out what I bought on instagram) and we cooed over the beautiful tiny belle dress and sweet pink baby grows.

Eventually it was time to get ready to go out again and I curled my hair and topped up my make up – not that you would ever know because it rained in bucket loads the minute I walked out the door! I picked up the girls and we went bowling with all of the work girls. We had the best time drinking, bowling, chatting and taking a million photos!

laura and enk

After lots of laughs, dancing and Mcdonalds it was finally home time and I have honestly never been so glad to see my bed!

manager and enk

Love, Alice x


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