Mid Year Goals | 24/07/17

This is a post that I saw on someone else’s blog and it inspired me, I did a post about my bucket list for 2017 but I thought I would review that and maybe set a few new goals to aim for throughout the second half of the year.

1. Spend a day in London alone

I love London and have spent a lot more time there since moving to Essex but something that I’ve never done is go into London alone and I really want to do it – I know it’s a nothing goal to most people but I really want to get it ticked off the list! 

2. Read 25 books

Now that the end of my course is drawing ever nearer I am going to have my evenings and weekends free again and I can’t wait to use them to do my favourite thing – Read! I am going to make a summer ‘book-it’ list and I want to get at least another 25 books under my belt before the year is up.

3. Donate blood

A couple of times now I have tried to give blood but for varying reasons I haven’t been able to do it! I have to say it’s probably going to be a little while before I get chance to tick this one off since I do have a couple more tattoos booked in.

4. Go camping with Tom

I love a good camping trip and I was so excited when my boyfriend started showing an interest. I loved choosing out a tent together and I cannot wait to get a few camping trips in before the end of summer!

5. Make an inspiration board

This is one from my original list and I really want to work on this, I’m very goal orientated and I want to get a visual representation of my goals.

6. Get 50 followers on Instagram

If you haven’t already, check out my Instagram (@aliceisanonymous) I post on there every day and I have to admit I am actually quite proud of some of the pictures that I’ve got on there.

7. Complete my night time routine every day

Something that I really struggle with is sticking to proper routines, I start a routine and then I just really give up but I want to really stick with my new routine and hopefully the results will soon show!

8. Blog every day for the rest of the year

I’ll be totally honest, I’ve already failed on this one since this post was actually intended for yesterday but I fell asleep watching the Love island final and didn’t finish! 

9. Take more photos

I love photography and getting my big camera out and I want to make a bigger effort to do this and of course I’ll share my favourite photos on my Instagram! 

10. Exercise at least once a week

I’m not good at the whole exercise thing and I know that if I set myself the goal to exercise every day, I will fail straight away, I’m writing this sprawled out on the sofa having just stuffed my face with pizza and garlic bread – I’m not the exercise type! 

What are your mid year goals? Do you have any advice on how I can achieve mine?

Love, Alice x


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