Canterbury | 11th – 13th August 2017

As a child, being one of five, most of my holidays were UK breaks and usually within the fabric confines of a tent. Whilst I had the most fun as a kid, I haven’t been camping in such a long time (except for a bit of a disaster trip with some of my friends from work last year!) and so Tom and I decided to pick up a pop up tent in the sale and off we went for a weekend in Canterbury.


We booked the campsite online using which I’ve used twice now and it’s a really easy website to get to grips with and to book your camp site. The only hiccup we had was actually my fault and I thought I had read that we would pay the deposit when we booked the site and the balance would come out of my account the day before we were due to stay but actually we had to pay cash when we got to the campsite, unfortunately because we didn’t realise we didn’t have any cash on us but luckily, the power of the internet sorted us out with a paypal payment instead!


The campsite itself was lovely, it was quite small compared to some of the sites I have been to in the past but it was big enough that you didn’t feel like you were in someone else’s tent! There was a portaloo, a bin and a tap on the site but if you went out of the gates and crossed the road, there was a proper bathroom with a shower. Within a minutes walk there was a pub (unfortunately they didn’t serve much food that I could have eaten so we didn’t try it out but it was ideally located!)

We had lots of fun at the camp site play card games, badminton, frisbee and reading. It was a pretty relaxing trip despite the fact we bought the smallest tent going and made it even smaller by putting an airbed in it!


After we were exhausted of playing games we decided to get ready and head into the town. We did plenty of shopping (haul coming up soon!), explored the town, grabbed some lunch and wandered around the cathedral. I had a really lovely day and it was all the better to just spend time with my boyfriend and relax. It’s the first time in our entire relationship that neither of us are studying and it’s so nice to do things and not be thinking about how much work we should be doing! We loved walking down all the little side streets and spending ages walking around the shops thinking about what we want our house to be like when we finally manage to buy one – Saving is a slow and tedious process! 

I’m not one to get excited about church and cathedrals but I had to admit that it was beautiful and we spent ages in there looking at the history and taking photos.

We had vegetarian burritos in a lovely little cafe before doing some more shopping and wandering. Once we were all done we decided to head back to the campsite for some more chill out time.

We enjoyed some more outdoor games, laying in the sun and reading our books before we decided to head back out for some dinner, we ended up going to Zizi’s which is always our go to for date night before we called it a day and headed back to the camp site for card games and wine.


Sunday consisted of relaxing in the sun for a few hours, packing up the tent and driving home! We decided to stop off at Lakeside on the way home for taco bell and to pick up a few bits that we hadn’t managed to get in Canterbury. Overall it was a lovely weekend and I can’t wait for the next adventure!

Love, Alice x

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