Canterbury Haul | 14/08/17

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I did a little bit of shopping whilst I was away for the weekend. I’m one of those people who can’t just go into a shop without coming out with something! It’s beginning to become a little bit of a problem but I just can’t resist! I thought I might as well share with you the bits I picked up if for no other reason than to justify my own spending!


First up is my favourite; Primark. I literally went in saying I just need a pair of cheap flip flops so that I don’t have to fight with my shoes every time I need a wee. Whilst in there I saw the most amazing mickey mouse bag which, if it wasn’t for Tom telling me no I would have been carrying around right now! I also couldn’t find any flip flops – I guess summer really is over, but I decided instead to get these velvetty (Is that a word?) pink slip on shoes. I actually do like them and they were only £5 so you can’t really grumble. Unless you’re my boyfriend and then apparently you can! I also picked up some new socks for Tom, is it just my boyfriend or do all men seem to get holes in socks after one wear?


Being a lover of clutter I can never resist a walk around tiger, literally you have to walk around the whole shop because there is no other way out! I was actually really good and only picked up one sheet of stickers which had all summery things on them because I thought they’d look cute in my scrapbook. I also picked up a couple of post cards, one in the cathedral gift shop and one from a little gift shop which I could have spent so much more money in!


My favourite shop of the trip probably had to be lush. I asked if we could go in for a look although I regretted it the minute we walked in the door, the place was heaving! Luckily a keen shop assistant spotted us straight away and managed to help us out by showing us what we were actually looking for. First my boyfriend wanted to pick up another tub of Kalamazoo for his beard, I don’t understand the trials and tribulations that apparently come with having a bear but apparently this stuff really helps!

Next up I asked the lady (who I wish I had managed to catch her name because she was incredible!) about the products they have which might help with my acne. I have suffered with acne for pretty much my entire teens and I’m getting a bit fed up, having tried everything on the shelf in boots along with everything the doctors have prescribed me I decided that I might as well see what Lush had to offer. She pointed out a couple of products on the shelf and then asked if we were in a rush, since we weren’t she invited us to take a seat and promised that she would be right back. She hurried off and came back with a slate of different products. She recommended me four products and I actually came out with three of the four, usually I’ll only choose one of the products that I am recommended but she was so good at telling me and showing me exactly what each product did and how it would help that I couldn’t leave without all three of the ones above.

The first product she recommended was Herbalism which she out and out admitted, smelled awful! It was £7.25 for a 100g pot but she tried some out on the back of my hand and I could really feel the difference in the skin. She explained that the four products that she was showing me were the ones she used in her daily skincare routine as she also suffered from acne. The product was quite abrasive but also left my skin feeling clean and nourished which is really what you want. She recommended that you should use a toner after using this followed by a scented moisturiser. She showed me the tea tree water toner which I did end up picking up and a moisturiser which I can’t remember the name of since I didn’t pick it up. The toner was £4.75 for a 100g bottle and it smelled really good as well as claiming some great things which I’m hoping to see the results of!

The last product that she recommended was the mask of magnanimity which is a mask she recommended using every two days to deep clean the skin and deal with all of the things that need to be dealt with to prevent break outs.

I am going to try this new skincare routine and I will be sure to let you know how I get on!


The final shop where I picked something up was in a book shop which looked amazing and had an incredible wonky structure. I’m a sucker for a book shop and really struggle to leave empty handed. This weakness was aided by a unique feature within the shop.


I ended up picking up two ‘blind’ books because they both sounded really interesting. I haven’t read them yet (unsurprising since I only picked them up two days ago!) but I’m excited to and think its a really unique way to encourage people to try a book which they might not ordinarily read. I’ll definitely review these once I’ve read them!


Love, Alice x




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