My Top 10 Ways To Make it Through Your Period | 24/08/17

Monthlies, that time of the month, the blob, shark week, lady time, on the rag or aunt Flo. However you choose to describe it, getting your period sucks. As a woman who’s been getting her period once a month for a number of years now, I feel like I’m finally qualified to give advice – although I am not a professional or any such so technically I’m not qualified in any way shape or form I just mean in the girl to girl sense, don’t quote me. 

tea and snacks

1. Eat Snacks – Preferably Carbs

I always find that snacks are your best friend during your monthlies. In theory the healthy kind are best for you, but lets be honest when has a salad ever cut it, let alone on your period. I find that carby, heavy food works best for me. Chocolate is also a life saver, but lets be honest it’s like a night out, you feel great whilst you’re in the moment and as soon as it’s done you feel awful for it!

2. Hot drinks

I’m not normally the biggest fan of hot drinks but when I’m on I make sure to drink at least one cup of tea or hot chocolate each day. Theres something incredibly soothing about snuggling up with a blanket and a hot drink.

3. Keep yourself hydrated

Its so important to keep hydrated at the best of times but especially so when you’re on your period. Without getting super gross about it, you’re bleeding for 3-7 days so it’s really important to keep your fluids topped up. I’m not the best at remembering to drink water but I always make an extra effort when I’m on to make sure I drink at least 3 bottles of water a day.


4. Cosy PJ’s and Blankets

I wish I had one of those jobs where you could work from home but unfortunately I don’t so for me PJ days seem to be off the cards. Luckily I do have a job where I can wear leggings and track suit bottoms so at least it’s not super uncomfortable but whenever I’m on my period I make sure to get straight in my pyjamas and wrap myself in a cosy blanket as soon as I get the chance. Comfort is key!

5. A hot water bottle

For me, recently, the cramps have been my worst enemy and they’re starting earlier and earlier before I even come on now! A hot water bottle is perfect to cuddle up with an take the edge of the pain. I’m not saying it will definitely solve the problem but it does seem to help. Be careful with hot water bottles though, make sure you don’t over fill it and make sure the cap is screwed on tight. Nothing ruins a cosy evening like getting covered in boiling hot water!

6. Pain killers 

On the same track as the last point, make sure you’ve got some pain killers handy. I always try to use ibroprofen as I find that they have the most impact but use whatever takes your fancy as long as it promises to take the edge of that pain! Make sure that you always read the packet and don’t over do it!

7. Sanitary Towels or Tampons?

For ages I had this big debate going on with myself every month, when I first started my periods I used exclusively sanitary towels and then after a couple of years I started using tampons. I always used a mix of both as I couldn’t sleep in a tampon because I was always paranoid that I wouldn’t find it in the morning! TMI I know! Recently though I realised that it’s just so much more comfortable to wear a pad and theres much less fear of leakage or loss! I always use the really big night time pads even at the end of my period because, like most other girls I’m sure, I am constantly paranoid that I’m going to have an embarrassing leakage!

8. Cleansing wipes

I’m so lucky to have a job where I don’t have to bother with my make up too much because nothing makes me feel worse than having to put on my face when I’m on. Wipes are my best friend because I’m usually feeling pretty lazy so I tend to like a quick freshen up for the days where I just want to curl up in bed and not bother with a full skincare routine!

9. Face Masks

The above being said, I love a pamper evening when I’m on, it’s my favourite thing to wrap up in my big fluffy dressing gown and put on a face mask. I get a lot of breakouts when I’m on my period so a face mask is great to try and bring those down.

10. Moisturiser

Finally, along the same line I like to use a good moisturiser and help my skin to feel soft and nourished. I love a body butter to make me feel super pampered and give me that extra feel good vibe.

What’s your number 1 way to deal with your period?

Love, Alice x



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