My New Bullet Journal Set Up

It was recently time to set up my new bullet journal and I couldn’t have had more fun doing it! I usually choose a more neutral colour but this time I decided to go with a bold, more fun colour for the journal itself and I think it’s really nice. I have carried a few pages over from my last journal and have added in a few new pages and styles for the new journal.


The first thing that I did, aside from writing my name and adding a really dodgy year plan which has too many things coming up that I would have to blur out to share, I copied over my goals for the year and my mood map for the year.

agust monthly

Next I set up my monthly page, I decided that I would print out my titles since my handwriting is so dismal! Whilst I really like the freedom of having different fonts, it is a bit frustrating that you can so clearly see the edges of the stickers. What I would really like to do is get a silhouette type cutter so that I can cut them closer to the letters. I really like this monthly spread but I’m not sure whether I’ll stick to it or change it up next month. I also like my habits tracker but I’m really looking to find a more unique set up so let me know if you have any ideas!

These are my weekly pages for the august weeks and whilst I do quite like how the set up works, I’m not 100% convinced and I think I might change it up for next month. The one thing that I do really like about this set up is that the boxes work almost perfectly for erin condren sized stickers of which I have quite a few!

meal plan:wishlist

Finally I added my four week vegan meal plan which I am trying to stick to (I only plan monday to friday and then eat anything I choose on the weekends) and my wish list. I haven’t added a lot to my wish list yet as I’ve been working and had a couple of sick days so I haven’t had a tonne of chance to add to it. Trust me theres a lot to add though!

What’s your must have bullet journal page?

Love, Alice x


3 thoughts on “My New Bullet Journal Set Up

    1. Thank you so much! I’m sure there’s better ways to cool it but I’m so basic I just put the mushrooms and whatever else you’re in the mood for in a big pan, let them cook for a little bit then let the rice get coated in their juices before just adding a little stock at a time 👌


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