My Autumn Wardrobe Wishlist

I am a massive lover of clothes and I spend hours trawling asos, boohoo, H&M, Zara and all of the other websites that I can sit and look at pretty girls wearing pretty clothes. Unfortunately, clothes cost money and money isn’t something that I have coming out of my ears. Fortunately the eye porn that is pinterest exists and I can create my own virtual wardrobe without having to part with my non-existent hard earned cash! Luckily, I’ve spent enough time trawling all of the women’s clothing sites I know of so that if you do have some spare cash laying around and you’re interested, you can pick up outfits like this for yourself!

Top Left: Dungarees, Top, Converse, Sunglasses, Bag

Top Second Left: Boots, Jeans, Jumper, Bag

Top Second Right: Jumper, Jeans

Top Right: Top, Jeans, Jacket, Bag, Shoes

Middle Left: Dress, Bag, Shoes

Centre: Bag, Jumper, Scarf, Skirt, Coat

Midle Right: Boots, Jeans, Top, Jacket, Bag, Scarf

Bottom Left: Hat, Necklace, Top, Jumper, Coat, Bag, Jeans, Boots

Bottom Right: Bralette, Jumper, Jeans, Watch

Which is your favourite look?

Love, Alice x


Sources for all photos can be found on the board | Clothes | on my pinterest page.


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