Mini Etsy Sticker Haul

Having recently introduced you to my new bullet journal set up, I figured I might as well introduce you to my favourite way of decorating it. I’m not great at drawing and don’t have great hand writing so I love to use stickers so that I can pretend I’m creative instead! Most of the stickers that I use come from Etsy (if you’ve ever had the slightest interest in planners and decorating with stickers you know what I’m saying!) I do sometimes manage to pick up some stickers from paperchase, tesco or hobby craft and those sorts of places but on the whole for functional, useful stickers – and completely useless but beautiful stickers! – Etsy is my go to. I ordered from two shops recently so I thought that I would show you what I got and I’m sure you’ll spot them in my planner some time soon.


The first shop that I ordered from was “Dook Plook Designs” who were having a birthday celebration so had a few extra offers on. I ordered a few sheets of stickers, a birthday grab bag and received a couple of extras. The first thing in the envelope was a little message saying thank you for purchasing and where you can find more information and interact with the shop and also a mini sampler with six stickers on which can be used for a range of spreads.


The first sheet of stickers in my package was a 2nd birthday sampler sheet which was included free in my order (I believe you had to spend over a certain amount) and it included a couple of checklists, labels and loads of different flamingo stickers of a flamingo doing different things. The first sheet that I ordered was the summer bucket list which includes a range of summer themed stickers such as ‘go on holiday’ and ‘go to the zoo’ along with some sunny deco stickers! I also ordered a sheet of hair wash stickers to remind me what days to wash my hair (I do know but since I don’t wash it every day it’s nice to track it in my planner), a sheet of rainbow stickers which I can use to mark my work hours and a sheet of sick day girls cuddled up in a duvet!


Next up I got a sheet which I didn’t order so I’m not sure if I got it for spending a certain amount or if it was another birthday offer or what but I think it’s such a handy sampler sheet to try out so many different types of stickers and it’s especially great for those stickers that you might only ever need one of so it would be pointless to buy a whole sheet!


Finally I got a birthday grab bag which included 8 sheets of stickers (4 A5 and 4 A6). I got two sheets of full boxes, one halloween themed and one floral sheet. I got a sheet of fireworks deco stickers and a sheet of appointment labels in multi colour. I also got a mini alice in wonderland kit including two full boxes and some deco. I got a sheet of swimming goggle stickers which I don’t think I’ll use since I don’t swim but I’ll probably pass them onto someone else, I got a sheet of breakfast stickers and a sheet of coffee and book stickers. I think I will use most of these so it worked out to be a pretty good deal!


The next shop that I ordered from was “Michelle and Patch.” I ordered four sheets of stickers and got a little flower sticker for free. I ordered a sheet of hoovers in a range of colours so that it could fit with any spread that I do, I got a sheet of grocery stickers to mark when I need to buy food, a sheet of laptops in multi colour to mark writing blog posts and a sampler sheet of cleaning stickers so that I can mark different cleaning chores that I need to do. I may buy extra sheets of these stickers but I thought it would be nice to try out a sampler to start with before buying lots of different sheets.

Do you use stickers in your journal or planner? What’s your favourite shop to buy them from?

Love, Alice x





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