August: What happened?

August was a pretty slow month in comparison to the rest of my year but theres still been a few note worthy events! I started the month by making a bold choice, I decided to go vegan for five days a week and to join the gym. I registered for the gym and have been going 2-3 times a week. I did try the vegan diet and was doing it for five days every week and then eating vegetarian for the other two days however I got really ill during the month and I believe it may be related to that. I am currently eating vegetarian again but think I might reintroduce it as a five day vegetarian and two day vegan diet.

I only managed to get through one book which I wrote a review for here. I also started my new bullet journal, I showed you my set up here.

I carried out my brownie camp and, provided I get the rest of my paperwork handed in – I passed!

I also went on a proper camping trip with my boyfriend to visit Canterbury for the first time for us both. Check out what we did here and what we bought here.

Whilst we were there, buying lots, I started a new skincare routine, if you’d like to hear a bit more about it drop me a comment and I’ll think about writing a post about my skincare routine in detail!

Whilst going to the gym, I managed to get my first parking ticket which was a bit annoying but at least now I know when I can and can’t park there!

Even though I had completed all of the work for my course in July, I was officially signed off from my course in August.

I know this is like the least interesting list of things that I got up to this month but that is pretty much it apart from a lot of working and a few nights of drinking and pigging out!

What was the highlight of your month?

Love, Alice x


2 thoughts on “August: What happened?

  1. I get the struggle with trying to go vegan! I’ve been veggie my whole life and would love to go vegan, so I’m doing it slowly. Started with cutting out dairy first, and then working on eggs. Once you find meals that work for you, it gets so much easier! 🙂 x

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    1. That’s reassuring! I think I just did it a bit quick by cutting it all out at once and my body was like whah what are you doing! I’m still cooking a lot of vegan meals but I’m more flexible with it when I’m out! x


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