My Favourite Blogs to Read

Being someone who loves to write, in my opinion, goes hand in hand with being someone who loves to read. This applies not only to books and stories but also to blogs. For every blog post that I love to write, I get a thrill reading other peoples posts. I figured that I might as well share my favourite bloggers in a range of categories and maybe you’ll find a new blog that’s well worth reading!


The first blog that I feel deserves a mention on this list is Ella May Garrett, she writes about a range of things from fashion, motivational posts, blogging advice and the most dreamy pinterest round ups! Her blog is very aesthetically pleasing and such a lovely place to spend a few hours! You can tell how passionate she is from the way she writes and I just really enjoy reading her posts. My favourite post that I’ve read so far was her ‘Blogging advice that I swear by‘ post because it had the most handy tips and really helped me out!


This is one of those blogs that I am sure I have been reading forever! I really love this planning, beauty, lifestyle blog and I’ve loved seeing it’s progression! One of my favourite posts that I have read so far was her unicorn plan with me I absolutely loved the kit that she used and I really like the aesthetic of her planner. I also really love her instagram which, in my opinion, really helps you to get to know a blogger better.


Next up is a girl who’s blog I found through instagram and my god does she have the most stunning instagram feed! I really like this lifestyle and literature blog because she has the best taste in books and always seems to review the books in my to read pile which just gives me that extra motivation to read them! I feel like I really get to know Hannah through her writing and I really love when I see that she’s got a new post live! My favourite post recently was her book haul and review because I had just finished one of the books she mentioned and was thinking about reading another so it really gave me a second opinion which I love when it comes to books. Based on her review I am definitely going to pick up Apple Tree Yard from my bookshelf at my mums house next time I’m home!

Screen Shot 2017-09-09 at 13.28.45.jpg

Next up happens to be another literature blog. I love this one because so many of the books that she posts about are either ones that I have read or ones that I want to read! It’s really nice to get second opinions on books that you are considering reading to see whether they’re worth bumping up the list or not rushing to read! Kelly also writes about  her bullet journal which is something I am so interested in. I love my bullet journal but am really wishing mine was as aesthetically pleasing as some of the ones I’ve seen on instagram or pinterest! Unfortunately that’s not the case but I can dream! A post that I really enjoyed was her ’10 books that took me a long time to read!’ post because it was fairly reassuring that I’m not the only one that struggles getting through a book from time to time!


Finally for my favourite bloggers is ‘busy bee’ a DIY and lifestyle blog. I really love the chilled out vibe of this blog and let’s be honest, she just writes the most amazing posts! I really love the fonts and images on this blog and I’m not 100% sure whether they’re her own work or not (I think they are!) but they make me super happy none the less! My favourite post was one of her most recent DIY’s about making a cinema light style storage box. I thought it was such a unique take on the recent craze and I definitely think I’m going to have to give it a go since it looks so easy!

What’s your favourite blog to read? Do you read any of my favourites?

Love, Alice x


9 thoughts on “My Favourite Blogs to Read

  1. Reading this has totally made my day! I completely lost motivation the past two weeks and having someone so great like yourself mentioning me has really inspired me to work on my blog. Thank you so so so much for even thinking about my blog, the best compliment ever, truly! I also have a few blogs to check out now after this!! xx

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  2. Awww I’m honestly so happy right now!! Thank you for mentioning my blog eek! And yes all my photos and graphics are made by mee! 😉 I’m so glad you like it all ahh this has made my day lovely! Love reading your blog too! ❤ xxx

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