50 Blog Post Ideas

I’ve recently been suffering a little bit of writers block and I’ve been trawling the internet for inspiration, let’s just say there was no shortage of ideas on there! Whilst I have tonnes of ideas for different posts, literally you have no idea how many posts I have started and left in my drafts, I’m just struggling to get into the swing of writing the actual post. I decided that a nice easy list would help to get me back into it!

Halloween costume ideas
With Halloween on the horizon and being someone who cannot resist a good dress up, I love seeing everyone’s ideas for different costumes. From easy homemade ones using things you’ve probably already got to the costumes of dreams which let’s be honest I do not have anywhere near the skill to recreate!

Theres nothing like going on a spending spree and justifying it by featuring all of your new goodies in a blog post!

A book review
I love a good read and theres nothing better than finishing a good book and letting everyone know what you thought of it! I’m working on my book reviewing skills and hopefully I’ll soon get past “OMG IT WAS AMAZING JUST READ IT!” and be able to write a decent review!

Make up look
This isn’t really one for me as I’m the worst at make up, I can barely do my daily make up let alone try anything new – although I did buy a new eyeliner today which I’m going to give a try!

Product review
Another one which I use mainly to justify buying new products but I love to share my thoughts and feelings on specific products and it’s so good to read product reviews to help you get an idea of a product before your buy it.

I love getting crafty and it’s always fun to share your makes with someone, plus I love looking at other peoples makes for inspiration!

Books you want to read
I think that we’ve established that I like books and I have a ‘to read’ pile so big that I have to keep some in my mums house! I like to make a slightly more manageable ‘to read’ pile so that I feel like I am achieving something without having to read 100+ books!

You wouldn’t be human if there wasn’t a whole bunch of things that you want to buy so why not make it into a blog post – you never know, someone might take note and buy you something off your wish list!

A recipe you’ve seen and wanted to try out
I love to try out new recipes and whilst I might not be winning star baker any time soon, it’s always fun to give something new a go and seeing what happens.

A story about a photo you’ve taken
If you’re a blogger I’m sure you’re a keen photographer so why not share a photo that you’ve taken and the story behind it! This is a great idea for a throwback Thursday style post!

Your favourite things to do in your city
Share all of the best things to do in your home city – you might help someone out who’s planning a trip to a new city! 

Your favourite cities that you’ve visited
We don’t all get the luxury of travelling to lots of new countries so why not share the best UK cities you’ve visited instead

Everything that you eat in a day
Why not give a ‘what I ate Wednesday  style post a go, I’m sure theres someone who would love to see what you’re eating! Why not pair it with giving some recipes that you’ve used.

Answer a question that you think is interesting
It  might be your own question or one that someone has asked you but answer it and maybe ask a few of your fellow bloggers as well!

Set yourself a challenge
Create a full outfit for under £20, a make up look for £10 or get your boyfriend to buy your outfit. Set yourself a challenge and document the results.

Interview someone you know
Everyone knows someone, even if it’s no one amazingly interesting ask the most interesting questions you can think of!

Share your Goals
Write down all of your goals and review them after a few months or a year and see how you’re getting on.

Your dream holiday
If you can’t afford to go and book a holiday, plan your dream holiday and share it on your blog instead. You never know, one day you might get to book it. 

Room makeover
Give your room a makeover, move your furniture about, paint the walls and buy some new accessories and of course, document it on your blog!

Your favourite things
Everyone has certain things that they love more than anything else, share yours. Whether you do it monthly, bi-monthly or just whenever you fancy.

The best blogs you’ve read
Share the love and showcase some of your favourite blogs.

The best youtubers you’ve watched
Keep sharing that love, share your favourite youtubers.

The best blogs you’ve written
Put a spotlight on yourself and share some of your highest rated blog posts or just the ones you’re the most proud of.

Your daily routine
Share your daily routine, what you eat in the mornings, what make up you wear, how you spend your days and what are your evening guilty pleasures.

Bucket list
Tell the world all of the things you want to do before you die and then blog about each one that you achieve.

Empty products
Save up every product that you use up within a month or so and write what you thought about them, if you’ve used a whole bottle or tub of something you’re likely to have a much better review than after one use!

Your dream job
Tell everyone about your dream job and why you would love to do it. You never know you might get chatting to someone who does that job!

Products you regret buying
What products do you regret spending money on? Maybe help out someone else before they spend the money on a product that’s really not worth the hype.

People who inspire you
Shine a light on the people who inspire you in your life whether thats your mum or Jesus. 

Write a post inspired by a word
Choose a word or get someone else to choose a word for you and write a blog post inspired by that word.

Write about your favourite quote
Share your favourite quote and tell everyone about what it means to you and why it’s your favourite.  

Podcasts you listen to
If you’re an avid podcast listener like I am, share your recommendations.

Date ideas
I’m pretty sure there is no greater task in a long term relationship than finding new date ideas. Share your best and most unique ideas, if nothing else I’m sure you’ll have fun trying out different dates!

What’s in your bag?
Empty your bag out and share the contents on your blog. It’s a good chance to see what you had lurking in your bag and you really get to know a person by what’s inside their bag.

Wardrobe staples
Share your staple items in your wardrobe for the season or the items you just cannot live without. 

Books that changed your life
Which books have you read that really changed your life and you can’t imagine not having read. 

Things that you can’t live without
Similarly to the above what things can you not imagine your life without? Books, movies, people, beauty products?

Supplies for a great night in
If you love a night in like me, share your ultimate night in essentials from movies to snacks.

How you deal with your time of the month
Every girl has to deal with her period so share your tips to get through it and help a sister out! 

Sick day essentials
Nothing is worse than getting ill so share your essential items to make your sick days that bit easier. 

Your experiences as a _____
Whatever you might have that you can share your experiences about, share them! Be it an apprentice, an author, a mother or a make up artist – you never know, you might inspire someone. 

Traditions you want to start
There’s nothing like a good tradition, what traditions would you like to start? Who would you like to start them with?

What you got for Christmas or your birthday
It’s always great fun to nose on what presents someone got for their birthday or for christmas so fulfil someones nosey desires by sharing your gifts.

Gift guide
Do you have someone to buy for that’s incredibly difficult? Share your ideas and suggestions of what to buy for your mum, your brother or your boyfriend. 

Charity shop finds
Spend a day going around the charity shops, maybe set yourself a budget and see what awesome finds you come away with. 

Your current playlist
Share your current go to playlist to give some new music suggestions. Maybe break it down into genre if you’ve got an eclectic taste. 

Bullet journal spread
If you’re into planning or bullet journaling share your favourite spreads, you might get inspiration from someone else’s spreads.

Your experience of learning a new skill
Learn a new skill from someone you know or teach yourself using the magic of the internet and share your experience on your blog. 

Pinterest round up
I dare you to find anyone who couldn’t waste an hour or four scrolling through pinterest, share your favourite finds on your blog. 

A list of your best blog post ideas
All bloggers have a list of blog post ideas on the back burner so why not share yours! 

Love, Alice x


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