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I popped into town the other day because I wanted to get some writing done outside of my usual environment. I ended up sitting in Starbucks writing for at least three hours but I also needed to pick a few bits up from the shops so I ended up wandering and getting not only the things I needed but also quite a few bits that I didn’t!

haul - superdrug 10:9:17.jpg

The first place I went was the only place that I actually needed to go. I went to Super drug as my foundation had run out so I needed a replacement and I also managed to misplace my eyeliner. I’m not very good at eyeliner at the best of the times and can only manage the felt tip pen ones so being left with pencils was not helping me!

Rimmel Wake me up Foundation – £8.99

This is my go to foundation, no matter how many different ones I try, I always seem to come back to this one. I know my shade, it’s easy to apply and I just like the way it looks. I think this is my fourth bottle of this!

Maybelline Master Precise Liquid Eyeliner – £5.99

I’m not sure if I’ve used this one before but I love a felt tip style eyeliner, this one has a really nice tip which isn’t too thin but isn’t super thick either!

Maybelline Babylips Intense care – £3.99

All of the make up in super drug was on 3 for 2 and I didn’t need anything else but I had misplaced my vaseline lip balm so I figured I might as well pick up this one. It also has SPF which is good because my lips get really sore and damaged so hopefully this will work some magic!

Superdrug Dazzle Body Spray – 59p

I really like the scent of this body spray and for the price you really can’t go wrong! I get through cans of this stuff because I leave it in my locker at work. I’m sure some people don’t mind but I’m not the biggest fan of paying a lot for perfume which is going to get mixed with the sweet scent of baby poo and vomit! I’d much rather just use super cheap body sprays for work and keep the good stuff for the weekends when I actually have someone to impress!

haul - bestsellers 10:9:17.jpg

Next I went to a little shop called Best Sellers in Hornchurch where they sell the most beautiful homeware bits and pieces that you definitely don’t need but can always waste your money on! I wanted a little gift for my friend to just say thank you for being such a good friend and I saw this little hanging heart with a disney quote on it and I figured it was perfect. It was £3.50 and it was small enough that I could squeeze it into a little card for her.

Haul - Clintons 10:9:17.jpg

As I was walking back down the street I spotted that clintons had a sale on and since I’ve never really seen how their sales are I thought I would pop in and take a look!

Kraft stripe photo album – £1.80

When I came back from Disneyland with my friend I ordered all of the photo prints so that I could make her a scrapbook, but there are just too many for me to do anything with and although I could make myself a scrapbook I’ve got a million and one other photos that I want to put into my scrapbook so I thought I could just slip the photos into this and it would look really cute on my shelf. This holds 100 photos so it’s pretty good for under £2 in my opinion!

Easter confetti – 44p

I spotted this really cute easter confetti and yes – I know it isn’t easter yet! I thought it would look cute in blog photos and maybe I could cook an Easter dinner and put confetti on the table. It’s really little so I can save it for next year and it won’t be taking up too much space.

Chic Boutique plate – 90p 

I spotted this plate and I needed it! I don’t know why but I thought it was so cute and it would look cute in photos or on my desk with some little bits and pieces on it! I’m the biggest fan of buying clutter to organise my clutter so I figured why not.

Haul - poundland 10:9:17.jpg

Bic Larger 4 colours – £1

I was walking back to my car when I remembered that my multicoloured pen had run out of black ink. I get through a tonne of these at work so I popped into pound land to pick one up.

Pumpkin ceramic tealight holder – £1

Somehow whilst I was in pound land I got drawn into the halloween section (they also had a christmas section already would you believe it but I managed to control myself!) I saw this little pumpkin tea light holder and I really thought it was so cute! I love to decorate for seasons although my boyfriend hates it! I bought some cute halloween fairy lights last year which I still have so I thought I could make our room all spooky and it would be really cute!

Paper pumpkin decorations – £1

I don’t know why but I really thought that these were the cutest things. I don’t know how big they’re going to be or what I’ll do with them but I was really excited about these and I had to have them!

Do you decorate for seasons? Have you started buying any halloween/fall pieces yet?

Love, Alice x



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