Empty Products – August

August was seemingly quite a good month for me getting through products! I managed to use up 11 products in total. I’ve split them into hair, body and face for this month although a couple of products could have gone into different categories!

empty products - body 10:9:17.jpg

Fruity coconut shower gel

I’m sure I had one of these in last months empties as well but I love the super drug shower gels, they’re really cheap, they have a good amount of product and they smell great. They also leave your skin feeling super soft and they’re cruelty free – How can you go wrong? I have no doubt that there will be more of these in empty posts to come!

French connection Body lotion

I know that this doesn’t look empty but honestly without scooping something into it I cannot get any more product out! This is one of the big faults that I found with this product. I think that the product is a bit too thick to be in this type of bottle because although there is product stuck up the sides theres none at the bottom so the pump won’t work. Whilst it seems a shame to waste the product, it wasn’t so good that I think it’s worth the hassle of getting it all out. It was an okay body lotion, it wasn’t the most moisturising and the scent was okay – not my favourite. I got this as  a gift as a part of a set and whilst it was fine and a lovely gift it’s not something that I will be repurchasing.

Sephora cotton flower shower gel pod

When I went to Paris a few years ago I picked up a bunch of these little shower gel pods because I figured that they would be great for travelling and whilst that is true, usually if I’m travelling it’s for more than one day so it’s easier to just buy a little bottle of shower gel since these only last one shower. I found one the other day so I thought I might as well use it and it smells lovely. They’re a great idea but I don’t know if I’d buy them again!

Empty products - hair 10:9:17.jpg

Herbal essences moroccan my shine shampoo and conditioner

Theres no point writing about these separately as I used them together. There is still a tiny bit of conditioner left because as is typical they didn’t run out together but I like to use matching shampoo and conditioners so I didn’t bother to keep it. These worked well, it’s the second time that I’ve purchased these and although I am going to buy a different one next because I like to change up what I use on my hair regularly, I would definitely buy these again in the future.

Luminous colour masque

I got this in a Glossy box quite a while ago and since it’s such a massive tub it took me a while to finish it off. I used to have coloured hair but I don’t colour my hair any more so it wasn’t something that I would have chosen but it was fine. I did find that if I left it on too long it made my hair go really greasy which wasn’t what I was hoping for! It was an okay product but I have to say I’m glad I’ve managed to use it up and I definitely won’t be repurchasing.

Empty products - face 10:9:17.jpg

Sensodyne whitening and repair toothpaste 

I know this isn’t technically a face product but your teeth are in your mouth which is on your face so I figured it would count. I really liked this toothpaste and have bought another sensodyne toothpaste (although not this one because they didn’t have it in stock) I don’t know how much you can say about toothpaste apart from this was a good one!

Acnecide Benzyl Peroxide gel 

I get quite bad acne on my face and I’ve been using this for a while I have repurchased it but I don’t know if I’ll repurchasing it again because I’m on my third tube and I can’t say I am noticing a massive difference! Maybe if I stop using it I’ll start to notice a difference but once my current tube runs out I don’t think I’ll buy another one.

Porefessional Matte Rescue

I got this free sample with a benefit purchase and I wasn’t 100% sure how it worked. The instructions said to apply to cleansed skin to see instant results and whilst I did notice the effect instantly I wasn’t sure if it was like the porefessional where you put it under your make up or if it was a nighttime thing or what. I put it on after I washed my face at night and my skin definitely felt different in the morning but I’m not sure what it was meant to do if I’m honest!

Garnier Skin active moisture bomb

I have no idea where this sample came from but I found it in my sample box when I ran out of moisturiser so I gave it a go and it was fine. I probably won’t purchase the full size because there’s other moisturisers that I like a bit more but it was fine to tide me over until I got to the shops for a new one!

Frederic sensitive facial wash

I break out incredibly easily so I thought that I would try a sensitive skin wash for my face and I can’t say I noticed any differences! My face felt a bit sticky after using it and I didn’t notice any less redness and breakouts than I was used to so I probably won’t be repurchasing this.

Have you tried any of these products? Did you think the same as me?

Love, Alice x


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