Question Two

If you’re interested in getting a bit more of a background as to what these ‘questions’ are about, check out question one where I explained what I was doing!

What does my ideal day look like from morning to night?

This is such a tough question to answer since theres so many ways that I love to fill my days from shopping to getting tattooed to watching disney films!

My perfect day would probably consist of waking up and watching a chilled disney movie with my boyfriend whilst munching on croissants. After the movie we’d get ourselves ready and spend the morning together, exploring a new place and shopping. We’d enjoy a lunch in a unique café together. We would spend the afternoon chilling at home on the sofa chatting, drinking and watching shitty TV. Or, we would do exactly what we are doing now; watching Gilmore Girls whilst I write and he bakes some yummy cookies!

I’d love to spend the evening getting ourselves beautiful before going our separate ways to spend the evening drinking and having fun with our friends. Nothing beats a girls night! We’d check in on each other throughout the night but not too much and we’d end up coordinating to get a cab home together and watch some more Netflix in bed before falling asleep.

I love a chilled out day without a million things to do but with enough things to do to make sure I don’t feel like I’ve fully wasted my day!

What would you do on your perfect day?

Love, Alice x



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