Greenwich | 16th September 2017

I woke up reasonably early – if you call 9 am early which, on a weekend, I do. My IMG_9635boyfriend warmed up some croissants and we snuggled on the sofa watching inside out. After the film, we got showered and dressed and made ourselves look lovely before heading out.

We jumped on the train into London where we started by getting some lunch because I am one of those girls that needs her food. I do not function well without a belly full of food so my boyfriend fixed that early on in the day! We went to ‘heaps’ café in IMG_9644Greenwich which I was a little sceptical of since it’s a butcher which serve mostly sausage based meals. Since I’m a vegetarian, I wasn’t sure about it but when I looked at the menu I was really impressed to see that they had a whole section with 5 or 6 vegetarian options. Tom went for a hot dog with onion chutney whilst I chose a vegetarian sausage and mash meal. We both really enjoyed our lunch and decided that since it was the weekend we might as well indulge in a spot of day drinking!


We really enjoyed the lunch together and we loved daydreaming about our future and reminiscing on the almost four years that we have already spent together!

Once we have finished up our food we wandered to the royal observatory and went to look around. My boyfriend works for one of the museums in Greenwich which means him and a guest can get into all of the rest of the Greenwich museums for free which meant we got to see some cool things in the Royal Observatory that you would usually have to pay for, for free!

We also decided to have a look around the queens’ house because although I have been in there once for his Christmas party, all of the rooms were closed off and it was only the big function rooms that were open so we decided to have a look around.

Finally, we stopped for another drink and a rest and then we decided to finish up the day with a wander around the market where we ended up buying three incredible prints to put into our one-day home. I know it’s a bit silly to buy them when we don’t even have a house yet but they were so beautiful and we had both had one drink too many and we couldn’t resist!

We got the train home, we ate pizza, drank wine and watched a movie – the perfect end to a lovely day.

What’s your favourite way to spend a Saturday?

Love, Alice x


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