My favourite blogging tools​

Writing a decent, well polished and presented blog post isn’t as easy as you might initially think. It’s definitely not as easy as I thought and although I know that I still have a lot, and I mean A LOT, to learn, I have discovered a few tools which help to make the process that bit easier.

1. Canva

I use Canva for creating blog graphics, editing photos and making photos ‘social media friendly’ which involves sizing them and adding text and graphics to suit my social media. Canva is a free website and app which makes it ideal for new bloggers like myself. It’s really easy to create, edit, download and share your own images.

2. Notes (iPhone app)

I use the notes app on my iPhone constantly. I love it because it’s on my phone which I always have with me and it syncs with my MacBook so I can always access my notes via my phone or laptop. It’s really easy to jot down ideas for posts and any information I might need to remember. It’s a free app which is already downloaded on an iPhone and a MacBook so it’s really easy to access.

3. Instagram

I use Instagram a lot to interact with readers and other bloggers. It’s also a great platform to share images and new blog posts. I love to use Instagram as a social media platform alongside my blog and find that it is my favourite to use for interaction and sharing my posts and thoughts. Sometimes I take too many photos to fit into a post so I love to use my Instagram feed as an extension of my blog.

4. Grammarly 

Grammarly is a website and a web plugin which proofreads your work for you and flags up any spelling errors or grammatical mistakes. This makes it much easier to notice any errors and to publish a more polished piece of writing. If you’re anything like me, the last thing you want to do after spending hours writing and editing a piece is to do a final proof-read. I also find that it gets to a point where I no longer see what I have written so much as what I think I have written and hence so many mistakes go unnoticed.

5. Photos (iPhone app)

I use the photos app on my phone and my MacBook to edit photos before using canva to add graphics and text. I mostly use the app to brighten, crop and airbrush photos before using them on my blog or on social media.

Do you have a favourite blogging tool?

Love, Alice x 



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