Homemade Gratitude Cards

If you read my last blog post where I shared my autumn bucket list you may have spotted that one of my items to do during the season was to send ‘gratitude cards.’ I’ll be honest, I don’t know if they’re even a thing but I wanted to make them a thing, so I’ve done exactly that.


The first thing I did was raid my craft boxes for supplies, I grabbed a few pieces of white card which I folded in half to make the main card and I found some envelopes to put them in. I searched through the box for some autumnal supplies and I chose some stickers, papers and some autumn inspired quote cards.


I decided that as well as the cards, I wanted to make some little gifts so I scrolled Pinterest and picked up a few supplies to make some ‘friendship bags.’

I am so grateful to have you in my life..-6

I plan to print this little card to let my friends know what all of the bits in their friendship bags represent (download it at the bottom of the post.)


I made seven cards and friendship bags to give to seven people who are really important to me and I am extremely grateful for. I’m really happy with the way that the cards turned out and I think I am going to print a little picture of me and the recipient to put in each bag.

gratitude cards.JPG

Who would you send one of these cards to? 

Love, Alice x

Friendship bag card: I am so grateful to have you in my life..

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