10 Couples Halloween Costume Ideas

Since Halloween is approaching, although I’m not even sure whether my boyfriend and I will be attending any Halloween parties this year, I have been thinking about what we could dress up as. That in mind I have explored Pinterest – I really am just looking for justification for my hours of endless scrolling – and I have picked my 10 favourite couples costumes and, if anyone does recreate the looks, I would love to see how you do it!

1. Belle and Gaston

belle and gaston costumes

2. Troy and Gabriella

troy and gabriella
3. Minnie and Mickey Mouse

minnie and mickey

4. Mulan and Mushu

mulan and mushu

5. Sandy and Danny

danny and sandy.jpg

6. Pikachu and Ash

ash and pikachu

7. Sheldon and Amy

amy and sheldon

8. TJ and Spinelli

TJ and spinelli

9. Donald and Daisy Duck

donald and daisy duck.jpg

10. Morticia and Gomez Addams

morticia and gomez

What do you plan to dress up as this halloween?

Love, Alice x

Find all of these costumes and their credits on my pinterest board here


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