London | 21/10/17

I’ve noticed that, aside from all elements of my blog being missing recently, I haven’t been doing many journalling posts at all! I know that my Monday to Friday life is far from blog-worthy, there’s nothing aesthetic about my early morning starts, no makeup, greasy hair and long days covered in paint and poo! I do however make a little more effort on the weekends and often have some lovely days so I know that I need to get a little better with my posting at the weekends. I don’t know whether anyone actually cares to read what I get up to but I know that I love to look back on what I’ve done. All that being said, welcome to the 21st October 2017.

God knows what time: I woke up to my boyfriend tiptoeing around the room trying not to wake me, very thoughtful since I had been out the night before and made him collect me from the club. I drifted in and out of sleep for a few hours before I decided it was really time to wake up properly, although I didn’t actually check the time so I have no idea what time I made it up in the end.


Tom was very thoughtful and offered to run to Tesco and pick up some supplies to cook a yummy veggie breakfast. As usual, he didn’t expect any help from me so I just lounged in bed and got caught up on my social media until breakfast was ready.

After breakfast, we cleared up and Tom asked if I fancied getting ready to head into London. Since we had no plans for the day I figured we might as well so I took off last nights makeup and applied fresh before getting dressed. We headed into London on the train. We started off wandering around Covent Garden, had a look in some shops and picked up some Christmas cards!


We had no plans so it was great to just walk around London hand in hand and chatting about anything and everything. We spotted some amazing street art outside the Lion King theatre which was pretty faded but still looked incredible! We also explored the Ikea house party in Greek Street which was an experience!


Finally, we grabbed some food and jumped back on the train home. When we got home we changed into our pajamas and I’ve really enjoyed spending the evening catching up on blogging, journaling and making plans.

What’s your favourite way to spend a Saturday?

Love, Alice x



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