5 Spooky Facts I didn’t know about Halloween

I was planning to name this “five spooky facts that you didn’t know about Halloween” until I realised that a lot of you are probably a whole lot more clued up than me! Since this realisation, I decided I would get on better researching for facts that made me go ‘wow, really?’ since at least I could gauge whether I knew them or not!

1. In Hong Kong people offer food to their ancestors to appease the ghosts!

2. Samhainophobia is the name of a fear of Halloween!

3. Seeing a spider on Halloween night is considered to be a sign of a loved one watching over you!

4. The white house in America is said to be haunted. Abraham Lincoln has been named as the most spotted ghost! 

5. Before using pumpkins to carve spooky faces into, they used to use turnips!


Have you learned any spooky new facts this October?

Love, Alice x


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