Autumn Wardrobe Staples

There are two kinds of people in this world, those who love the spring and summer and those who love autumn and winter. I am firmly in the autumn/winter camp and I love the fashion in the colder seasons. Here are my 5 fashion essentials for the transitional weather.

1. A leather jacket

You can’t go wrong with a leather jacket in the autumn because it’s not quite cold enough to want a proper coat but there’s enough of a chill that you still want a jacket to keep you toasty. I love a leather jacket for layering over a t-shirt or a dress.

2. Knitted dresses

Autumn is the perfect time to get out the knitted dresses, it’s usually a little bit too chilly for a t-shirt dress which is my go-to style but it’s still not so cold that you want a thick dress with tights and everything!

DSC_0035 (1).jpg

3. Ankle boots

You cannot go wrong with ankle boots, they’re so stylish and they make any outfit look that bit more dressy, especially if you wear heeled ones which I often do. They’re also a bit warmer than most of the rest of my shoes which are open.

4. Ripped jeans

I love ripped jeans, one of the worst things about the summer is that it’s too hot to wear jeans without them getting stuck to you! That and the awful tan you get where the rips are! Ripped jeans are great for dressing up or down, you can wear them with converse or with heels and the outfit is completely different!


5. Jumpers

The best thing about autumn is the layering and there’s nothing better for layering than jumpers. There are so many different colours and styles available and jumpers go with everything!

What’s your favourite piece for the Autumn transition?

Love, Alice x


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