“The other half lives” by Sophie Hannah

I’m not usually one for a thriller, I’m much more a fan of a chiller out and predictable book. That being said, about 5 years ago my English teacher gave us a hand out which had a book extract on it, sometimes that’s all you need to know whether you want to read a book. This was one of these times. As soon as I got out of school I did a little more research on the book, noted the title and about a year or so later I ended up buying it.

I started reading it a few weeks ago, for a while I struggled to get into the story and after reading a few pages at a time, quite infrequently, I was ready to call it a day. Fortunately, it was just then that I reached a turning point and I was fully engrossed. It took me two more days to finish the whole book and my boyfriend literally had to prise it out of my hands to get me to go to bed.

The book follows the story of two main characters and their dark pasts, lives and future challenges. I didn’t realise until later but it’s one of a series of books which I haven’t got and it wasn’t the first. Despite this, I still managed to understand and enjoy the story immensely without knowing the backstory of the characters.

The story starts with a lot of questions and theories which throughout the story, slowly begin to get tied up and you manage to start piecing bits together. However, I didn’t even work out the biggest plot twist until the same moment that the characters in the story did! Either I’m naive and not very clever or there was some amazing writing going on in this book! For my own sake and that of the author, I am going to sway towards the latter.

I would recommend this book to anyone who is into thrillers but also anyone who is usually a fan of a slightly more chilled out book who fancies a bit of a change of pace.

Have you read this book? Are you planning to?

Love, Alice x


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