Autumn Bucket List (Review)

As we move away from autumn and into Winter (I could be way out – I don’t know when the seasons fall, to be honest!) I am preparing my Winter bucket list and I decided that I would look back on my Autumn bucket list to see how I did. If you haven’t seen it check it out here.

Have a pumpkin spice latè: I didn’t tick this one off the list but to be honest I didn’t actually go to a Starbucks throughout the season! I had every intention to give it a go and unfortunately, they’re finished stocking them so I’ll have to wait until next year and then try again.

Watch a Halloween movie: I definitely achieved this one! I watched more spooky movies this year than I ever normally do, I think the Halloween section on Disney life helped! I wrote a list of my favorite’s here.

Bake bread: I didn’t get around to this one, although I did buy the ingredients to do it so I got halfway there! Maybe I’ll extend this one and do it in the winter.

Drink hot chocolate and read under the stars: I haven’t had a single hot chocolate this year! I really need to change this and since Starbucks is rolling out their festive drinks I definitely need to pick one up.

Bake an apple crumble: I have still never baked an apple crumble, maybe I’ll get a chance to do it another time or maybe I’ll have to wait until next year!

Donate to charity: I have donated to charity however not in the way that I was planning, I am still looking for a charity or an organisation where I can donate some gifts to women in need.

Carve a pumpkin: I actually carved two pumpkins this Halloween, you can find pictures of both of these on my Instagram!

Go apple picking: I didn’t get a chance to do this, nor do I have any idea if there is anywhere that I can do this!

Make a fall wreath: I had every intention to do this but I had so many plans that I didn’t get the chance to go to hobby craft and buy supplies

Burn Candles: If there’s one thing that I will always make time for, it’s settling down in the evenings, lighting some candles and watching Netflix and I managed to get through a few candles this season!

Make pumpkin soup: I managed to do this for the first time this year and I really enjoyed it! The making process and the eating process to be precise! I also made far too much and I got to freeze some to have later.


Take photos in the leaves: After quite a few weekends off work, my boyfriend went back to working weekends this month so it meant I didn’t have anyone to explore and take photos with.

Go camping: I went on a weekend trip with some of my work friends to Kent where we camped for a few nights and it was so much fun. There are photos of the trip on my Instagram if you’re interested.

Take sparkler photos: They certainly weren’t good photos since I only had my phone to hand and it doesn’t take very good photos, least of all in the dark.

Make smores: I wish I had gotten around to this one but unfortunately, this remains on my list of to do’s.

Cook Thanksgiving dinner: Let’s be real, I have no idea when Thanksgiving is but I haven’t cooked a dinner yet and I don’t reckon I will get around to it anytime soon considering I’m still living with my boyfriends mum.

Wear a cozy scarf: I am so glad that it has finally been cold enough to get out the scarves and I’ve been loving the autumn fashion!

Make cards to tell people that I am grateful for them: I did this, I also wrote a post about how I made them which you can see here.

Did you do any of these things over Autumn?

Love, Alice x


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