“We didn’t realise we were making memories, we were just having fun”

When I was a young child, my parents had just got their first digital camera and I was the first child who had all of my photos on the computer rather than in a dusty box! This seemed like a great idea until my dad, always one to try and fix what wasn’t broken, somehow managed to delete all of these photos. Every single digital photo of my childhood – gone. It was okay though because we had physical photos too, right? Wrong, my parents had been so invested in the digital age that there are now less than 10 photos in existence of me from my first two years of life.

Maybe that is the very reason that I am so in love with photos and keeping physical copies. Since my mum had no photos of me as a baby and also gaps in my brothers’ photographic lives, it was quite the heartbreak when my parents divorced and my dad took all of the photos that they did have, with him.

Luckily I managed to recover a lot of the photos on the hard drives that he had kept with the help of my boyfriend. This made for an excellent Christmas present for my mum but also gave me a chance to look through thousands of photos that I didn’t know existed!

That being said I thought about starting a “storytime” photo series on my blog to share a little more of my life with you guys and to make sure I always have a backup of my memories. Although don’t worry, I’ve made plenty of copies just in case.

3rd April 2012

picnic - story time 1.JPG

The first photo story that I have decided to share is one that took place fairly recently, I believe these photos were taken in 2012, making me 14 years old. My dad used to be really into old Land Rovers and he would spend days on end at our family friends barn tweaking and tinkering with the cars. This was a passion that he passed onto my brother and me, although I realise now that I was only so interested because it gave me a chance to spend time with my dad.

picnic story time 3.JPG

This day, much like the others my dad spent hours down in the barn with my brother with no planned time to come home. My mum rounded up me and my younger sister and we headed to the shop to pick up some food, packed it all up along with some paper plates and blankets and off we went. We met my dad and my brother in the garden of our friend and had a picnic. Whilst there were a few family members missing at the picnic, I still consider it to be one of the happy family memories that I have from before my parents divorced.

picnic story time 2.JPG

It’s very strange to look at these pictures and remember that time in my life because every single one of us, are very different people to the people we were when these photos were taken. Each of us has been on our own and our family journeys and we have faced challenges and experienced joys that we could never have expected on that summers day.

picnic story time 4.JPG

Do you have a photo memory and a story you would like to share? Please get in contact as I would love to extend this from being just my own memories!

Love, Alice x


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