Saturday 25th November | A visit from my Goddaughter

Saturday 25th November: Exactly one month until Christmas

My boyfriend woke me up at some ungodly hour with the offer of croissants and Gilmore Girls. Whilst it was an offer I simply couldn’t refuse, it was still early so I made it my duty to remind him of the need for me to get as much sleep as humanly possible.

IMG_0353 2

About 9:30am my boyfriend and his mum set off into London to meet his brother and spend the day doing all sorts of fun things. That left me breakfasted and showered and ready to get on with my day. I started off drying my hair which I then shoved up into a messy bun whilst I did my make up. I don’t really change up my make up, or my routine for that matter, too much so if you’re interested in a daily routine, let me know! I decided to just leave my hair down and brush it out so that it was straight.

We hadn’t fully decided what we were going to do so I decided to choose a nice warm outfit which I could adapt if necessary. I went for my denim skirt from new look, a pair of cable knit tights from Primark, a plain burgundy t-shirt from h&m and a thick oversized jumper from h&m also. I put it with white converse and a shoulder bag from pull and bear.

Once I was ready I tidied up a little bit and sat down to catch the ending of a Christmas film whilst I waited for my family to arrive. Just after 10am, they came bounding in, my brother, sister in law and my lovely Goddaughter and it was all fun and games from there.


Our dog is quite old and isn’t used to too much company let alone the company of a 2-year-old with bundles of energy! It safe to say she was a little startled by the running around, toys being pulled out and her bed being stolen! She did enjoy, however, the discovery of the treats cupboard and the endless supply that was sneaked in her direction.

We decided to start off with a trip to Lakeside with every intention to go to the grotto and meet Santa. It started off well with a run around the Disney store and tonnes of fun in Hamley’s however after lunch, she started getting a little bit tired and grouchy but point blank refused to settle down for a nap in fear of missing out on the fun. We decided to give Santa a miss since it looked like we were headed for disaster and instead we went home for another run around with the dog.


We decided to wrap up warm and go for a run around at the park which was lots of fun and it was lovely to watch the sunset and jump in muddy puddles however it got very cold very quickly and with my awful sense of direction, it was a long time getting out of the country park! Eventually, we made it out and back home just in time to get changed into warm, dry clothes and bundle her into the car for the journey home.


It was so nice to see my family and especially my little Goddaughter who is just getting more and more grown up every time I see her!

Shortly after they left, my boyfriend and his mum returned home for a night of pizza, Christmas films and I finished reading my first Christmas book of the year. If you’d like to see a review let me know!

What’s your ideal Saturday?

Love, Alice x


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