The Ghost of Christmas Past

It’s day three of blogmas – this month is already flying by! For today’s post I have decided to look back over a few photos from Christmas over the years! I come from a big family so Christmas was always tonnes of fun and always full of laughter and toys and excitement!

Screen Shot 2017-12-02 at 20.51.23

25th December 2000: Funnily enough I don’t remember this Christmas since I was only two, however, it’s one of the first photos I have from my early Christmas’ so I wanted to include it and I do remember what Christmas was like when we were little with the Santa sacks and fun!

25th December 2003: This was the first Christmas that I really remember and I’m not sure if it’s just because there are so many photos of this Christmas, it was the year my mum bought my dad a new digital camera! I was five this year and I remember waking up this year and opening my stocking and I also remember a few of the presents we got including a make your own monopoly set from a family friend and an ‘ultimate girls guide’ type book from my nanna. Unfortunately, I believe that this was the last Christmas that I spent with my nanna and she also bought me the mug in the photo (which I still have!)


25th December 2012: This was the last year that I spent Christmas with all of my family together, although I didn’t know it at the time. I believe that it was a strange Christmas as well because my Dad had to work which he never did when we were little but since he was working from 5am – 2pm he offered for me to go with him and I spent the day at the police station with him!

What was your most memorable Christmas?

Love, Alice x

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