Christmas gift guide: For him

It’s day four! Today I want to talk about my top gift suggestions for him. I personally find it so much harder to buy presents for men than I do for women so I thought I’d put this one up first to give you a little more time to ponder.

Make your own robot kit

I have bought this for my boyfriend (I hope he doesn’t read this!) and I think I’m more excited than he’s going to be! It was a pretty cheap kit – I got mine from Tiger – but I think it’ll be fun to play with on Christmas day and we can all have a go too!


You really can’t go far wrong with toiletries, everybody needs toiletries in their life. You can get some great gift sets from boots to suit every budget and taste. I love toiletry gifts for the harder to buy for men like my brothers or my grandad!

Personalised luggage tag

If you’ve got someone to buy for who likes to travel and you want to get a bit of a special present, a personalised luggage tag would tick every box! I’ve seen some great ones on Etsy and I think this is a great gift for your dad or your boyfriend!



If you’re really struggling, everyone wears clothes! I’ve bought shirts for a few men this year because I just didn’t know what to get. Once you’ve worked out their sizes it’s a pretty easy gift for your dad, your grandad or your brother!


I’ve bought a wallet for my dad and I thought that I would personalise it without spending too much money, so I decided that I would print out a photo of myself to put in the little photo slot. I also put a couple of coins in the pocket because I have always been told that it’s unlucky to give an empty wallet. You can get so many different wallets that you can really choose one to suit your budget.


I love pyjamas, you just can’t go wrong with some cosy Christmas PJ’s. I love Primark for their pyjamas or Marks and Spencers if you’ve got a bigger budget to spend. There’s a different set of pyjamas to suit every man in your life from Pokemon shorts to grandad striped pyjamas!


Until this year, I had never thought to buy anyone a puzzle but this year I decided to get my grandad a puzzle. I was going to order a personalised puzzle of a photo of us together but unfortunately, I left it a little bit late (I’m seeing them a few weeks before Christmas to exchange gifts) so I didn’t have time but I might save the idea for next year!


I love buying people books, I think they are such a personal gift and you can go down so many different routes from lifestyle books, a book about something they’ll love, an author they love or a book that you really love and want to share with them.


I don’t know if it’s just the men in my life, but men seem to go through headphones like there’s no tomorrow so I know that any of the men on my list this year would love to get a new pair of headphones. Obviously, it’s handy if you know the man to decide whether to get in-ear or over-ear headphones! They’re also another gift which can be adapted to suit any budget that you’ve got.


My last suggestion is beer, I have a few new people on my list that I don’t know well enough to buy proper gifts but I need to get them something so that they aren’t the only ones sitting there on Christmas day without a gift! I’ve decided that the best thing to get them is a few beers. I’m pretty sure all teenage boys love a beer or two (or far more!) and theres so many different types of beer that you can choose a whole selection!

What’s the best gift you’ve bought for the man in your life?

Love, Alice x


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