Christmas gift guide: for her

Day six and it’s another gift guide! This time we are looking at what to buy for the lovely ladies in your life.


I had this one in my gift guide for him as well but can you ever go wrong with pyjamas? Who doesn’t appreciate a lovely cosy nightwear gift!


Shoes are such a great idea because what women doesn’t love some new shoes! From Converse to heels, shoes are such a great present. As long as you know their shoe size you can pick out something great.

Photo frame

I’ve found that women appreciate this gift much more than the men do! A pretty photo frame is always a winner, and you can score bonus points if you add a lovely photo of you and the recipient together!


This literally goes without saying, everyone loves jewellery and you can get so many different types of jewellery that you can literally get something to suit any budget and taste.

A dress to wear on Christmas day

This has become somewhat of a tradition from my boyfriend, every year I buy myself a nice dress to wear on Christmas day and every year he buys me one too! This year I haven’t bought myself a dress so I reckon this will be the year that he doesn’t buy me one! I don’t know about everyone else but since I go from my mums to my boyfriend’s mums house on Christmas day, I like to wear something nice and it’s even better if someone special has picked that out for you!

DSC_0017 (1).jpg


This is another one that I had in my other gift guide because honestly books are great and I think its such an easy gift to customise to your recipient, your budget and what you want to pass on to them!

Underwear set

If you’re looking for something to get for your wife or girlfriend, I can guarantee they will appreciate a nice matching underwear set. Maybe avoid this one for your mum or your sister though!

Theatre tickets

When your older, it always seems like you struggle to find the time to spend time with all of your friends and family so tickets to a show or a day out can be such a great gift because not only do you get that experience, you also get to spend some quality time together.

A mug and tea set

You can get so many amazing different types of tea and the most beautiful mugs so it’s definitely worth either buying a set or making your own set by picking out a lovely mug and some tea that your friend or family member will love.

Hamper gift set

Everyone loves a hamper, even better when it’s full of things that they love! It’s great to get a hamper gift anyway but if someone special has put thought and time into making you a special hamper full of all the things you love and need it’s even better!

What’s your go-to gift for the woman in your life?

Love, Alice x


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