The Cosy Christmas Chocolate Shop | Book Review

My first Christmas book of the year was The Cosy Christmas Chocolate Shop by Caroline Roberts. It was such a great, feel-good festive book and I almost want to read it again just to feel as cosy as I did when I read it!

It follows the story of Emma who owns a chocolate shop by the sea. She is having trouble making ends meet with her landlord hitching the rent up and the slower days after Christmas. After a chance encounter on boxing day, she can’t stop thinking about a certain someone who she met on the beach. Emma is reluctant to let herself get involved after past heartbreak however he turns out to be exactly what she needs in more ways than one.


Emma and her brother team up to think of all sorts of ideas to bring in a little bit of extra cash, however, it’s the idea of her teenage assistant that really saves the day. It’s a race to get everything sorted before Christmas and with a few let downs and challenges it’s a big question as to whether Emma will achieve it.

I loved reading this because I got all of those warm and fuzzy feelings and even though I knew it was going to turn out all right, in the end, I loved the journey I took with Emma and her friends and family. I almost wished that I had saved this book until I had put the Christmas tree up so that I could cosy up with the Christmas lights and a hot chocolate.

What’s your top Christmas book so far?

Love, Alice x


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