December 1st – 15th 2017


December 1st is one of my favourite days of the month because it’s officially the start of Christmas! I started my month with some advent calendars and a lovely Christmas card from my boyfriend. This year December started on a Friday which, let’s be honest, is the best day of the week so it was a double win today!


I spent my Saturday in Westfield shopping with one of my best pals, I managed to finish up all of my Christmas shopping and as always, had a great time with my friend. We spent the evening getting prepared for brownies next week and my new diary for 2018 arrived!


I had a good time in Cambridge with two of my close work friends. I loved showing them around the city where I grew up and we went to watch beauty and the beast at the corn exchange with a very interesting sing a long show! We spent the evening with my grandparents with my dad and siblings. It was a fun evening and it was great to catch up with the family before Christmas!


I spent some time getting organised with blogmas and Tom was lovely and cooked me a yummy dinner. At work, I had a moment of self-realisation and I was truly proud of myself when one of my key children who I had put a lot of work in with finally walked for the first time!


I bought scratch cards for all the girls I was on lunch with and they appreciated it! I wrote out my Christmas cards which felt really festive. I also got my first proper Christmas present which was packed into a personalised Disney stocking from one of my good friends!


I had my last staff meeting of the year, as always we got a yummy chocolate treat! After writing my Christmas cards the day before, I received my first Christmas card of the year. I also spent some more time writing blogmas posts and I really enjoyed doing it.


This evening I had our last Brownie meeting of the year and lots of the girls were very generous and bought some presents which was lovely of them. When I got home I had a really cosy evening with candles, blankets and twinkling Christmas lights.


Friday! We followed our standard Friday tradition of Chinese takeout which I always love! I got a really sweet Christmas card from one of my good friends which she put a picture in and wrote a sweet message in. I also enjoyed spending some time getting some Christmas presents wrapped up.


I knew that my boyfriend had got a surprise date planned for this day but I had no idea what we were doing at all! I got ready and when we were on the train he pulled out some tickets from his coat and told me that we were going to see beauty and the beast with a live orchestra! I was really excited and couldn’t wait to go but first we had a yummy crêpe brunch in South Kensington which I loved! The day finished in my favourite way by putting up the Christmas tree in the evening.


Today was a bitter sweet day; I was so excited to wake up and see that it was snowing! It was the first proper snow in quite a few years however unfortunately I had a family Christmas dinner planner in Cambridge. We drove for a few hours and didn’t get anywhere at all so unfortunately we had to cancel on the dinner. I was really sad about it but it did mean that I got to go home, get in my pyjamas, watch Christmas films and munch on homemade veggie sausage rolls!


My manager had recently offered me some different responsibilities at work which I had chosen to accept which meant I was going to spend some time in the office each week. Today I got to have some training and I was really excited to see how this new work was going to be! I recently finished the book I was reading which meant I got to cosy up and get into a new book!


Tom was out for the evening so I loved spending some time getting out all of his Christmas presents and wrapping them all up beautifully. I had a yummy hot chocolate and spent the rest of my evening catching up on youtube.


I had a pretty rough day this day however there were some really nice things such as my friend gave me a lovely Christmas present and my boyfriend and I spoke on the phone for a while to chat. It was nice because we have never really spent much time talking on the phone.


I got a package full of Christmas cards from my friends and family from home which made me really happy and I loved actually getting home early on a Thursday night since I had no brownies! I love youtube always, however in December when everyone is doing Vlogmas I loved spending lots of my evenings catching up on the festivities.


Today was Christmas jumper day at work which is always a fun day! Of course I loved another Friday night with Chinese takeout and since it was Christmas jumper day, we decided to get Festive. We handed out our secret Santa gifts to our colleagues and I got a book from a girl who I work with who had clearly listened when I had mentioned the book a few weeks before!

Lots of Love,

Alice xx



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