My Mum

Everyone thinks that their mum is the best, just like everyone believes that their child is the best. I’m not deluded, I know that my mum has her flaws, just like everyone else in the world. I also know that with her flaws, my mum has been an inspiration to me throughout my life.

From bringing up five children to dealing with heartbreak my mum has always been a strong woman. I remember the first time I ever saw my mum cry and in that moment I felt pure anger towards my dad. How could you make the strongest woman I know cry, what is wrong with you? Having grown up, I understand what had gone on that morning and I understand that it’s natural to fight and get upset within a relationship. I’m not there yet but I imagine that is heightened after having five children.

My mum has been through so much in her life, so much that I don’t even know or understand because her whole life has been focused on her family. She has gone without so much and given up so much to watch her family grow up into the strong adults that I know she is proud to call her children.

Whilst I might not always agree with my mum’s choices and ways of dealing with things, I know that I will always respect her and I see so much of her in myself and it’s something I’m so proud of.

Happy Mothers day, Mum.

I love you and appreciate every single thing you have ever done for me.

Love always,

Alice x

2 thoughts on “My Mum

  1. I was searching for blog posts about Mom’s and woman and came across this! I think it’s very sweet that you posted this for your Mom! she sounds like a great lady and that you love her very much!

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