21 Before 21

As I turn 20, I want to think about all of the things I want to achieve in my next year. Since I love a good list, I have written a list of 21 things that I want to accomplish before I turn 21.

  1. Move into my own house
  2. Experiment with my style
  3. Watch all of the Disney classics
  4. Establish myself as a blogger
  5. Donate blood
  6. Take care of my skin
  7. Decide whether I want to go to university
  8. Visit my dad in Bulgaria
  9. Learn to swim
  10. Go to a music festival
  11. Write a letter to myself to open at 30
  12. Wake up early enough to watch the sunrise
  13. Visit two new UK cities
  14. Enter a competition
  15. Learn something new
  16. Bake a cake
  17. Make meditation a part of my daily routine
  18. Get a new tattoo
  19. Visit a new country
  20. Do a photoshoot
  21. Read 21 books

I am going to try really hard to achieve all of these and of course I will be documenting them on my instagram (@alice_anonymous_) and here on my blog throughout the next year!

Love always,

Alice x


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