15th March 2018 | My 20th Birthday

I woke up early because despite turning 20 today, I’m still a child at heart. I was laying in bed for a while and the second my boyfriend rolled over at 6am I was pushing him out of bed to get my presents ready.

We both head downstairs where he has already set up a birthday display the night before. There were balloons, cards and presents and it was great! I open all of my cards and presents which were all lovely and I feel very spoilt!

After the excitement of presents, we watch some Netflix and chill out. It’s the best way to start my birthday and it’s so nice to be off work for a change!

I love birthdays and I always really appreciate it when my friends or family do something for my birthday. I am a big fan of experience gifts!

My boyfriend and I get ready and we head into London. Our first stop is Palm Vaults in Hackney and we have the yummiest brunch which looks incredible! After munching, drinking hot chocolate and taking a million pictures, we head for a walk around to take some photos. My boyfriend does photography on his Instagram (@tomjuggins_uk) so whenever we go out we do a bit of exploring to see what shots he can get.

When my feet start to hurt, we hop on a bus and go to sky gardens which is insane! I loved the views and I’m a big fan of bringing the outdoors inside.

We loved exploring the indoor gardens and taking in the breathtaking views and, of course, taking a million photos! After photographing the building inside and out from every angle, we get back on the train and we go home.

We watch a bit more Netflix, because what better way to spend your time, before I start getting ready. I have brownies in the evening so I have to go and meet my friend and set up. We asked our young leaders to plan the evening and they have planned a birthday party with hat making which is lots of fun. Everyone sings to me which is lovely but I never know what you’re meant to do during those 30 seconds which feel oh so long!

I come home after brownies to watch TV, have dinner and eat cake. It’s been a great birthday and I don’t think I would have changed a thing.

What is the best thing you’ve done on your birthday?

Love always,

Alice x

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