How to be Hygge in Spring

Everyone and their dogs have been getting into the Danish way of living and truly embracing the art of hygge over the winter. I have loved learning about the hygge culture and finding ways to add the way of Denmark into my life but since being hygge is all about being cosy and warm, I wanted to work out how to continue injecting hygge into my life now that spring is approaching.

1. Candles

Candles are one of the best ways to make a space cosy and just because it’s not winter anymore, it doesn’t mean you can’t light up some candles. Loads of shops and candle companies have a bunch of different seasonal scents and some of the spring-summer ones smell so good! If you’re anything like my boyfriend and you get stressed out by the heat from a candle being lit in the warmer months, get yourself some fairy lights or some battery operated candles for that same cosy glow.

2. Tea and cake

Another one of the ways that I have really enjoyed implementing hygge into my life is to take a moment to appreciate things and reflect. I really enjoy sitting down with a nice big mug of tea and a yummy cake to give me 10 minutes to think and reflect. I often like to put my phone down and just spend some time thinking about my day or my week, what has gone well and what could do with some more work. It’s so important to reflect on what you’re doing so that you can continue to improve and grow.

3. Take a walk

Another part of hygge which I really enjoy is the concept of taking everything in. Going for a walk, with or maybe without your phone, is a lovely way to unwind, relax and take things in. Make sure you give yourself plenty of time so that you can enjoy your walk and not be rushing back for anything. It’s important to appreciate the things you might see on your walk and take your time to soak in the atmosphere. Spring walks are especially lovely because all of the flowers and plants are starting to bloom again and, depending on the time of day, there is often a lovely sunshine glow.

4. Read a book

Something that I have always been a big fan of is reading. I think there’s something extremely gratifying about sitting down with a paper book and reading it. I do have a kindle but there’s nothing that can compare to the feeling of holding a book and getting lost within the pages.

5. Cook a meal for family and friends

This is something that I can’t wait to start doing more once I get my own house. I love the feeling of cooking a big meal and enjoying it with friends or family around you. I especially love laying and decorating the table with all of the little details that some people might not notice and other people go crazy for. I can’t wait to have dinner parties and laugh over good food and drink.

These are my top five ways to introduce hygge into your life, even in the warmer spring times. What’s your favourite way to be hygge?

Love always,

Alice x


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