Three ways to make Easter Bunting

I love seasonal decorations but I’m a girl with a reasonably low income who is saving for a house and still trying to go out and have a good time. Is it just me or are seasonal decorations expensive! I went to HomeSense because I die for their decorations but I just could not warrant spending that amount of money on decorations which will be up for literally a week maximum and, since I don’t have a house yet, no one will see! I decided to turn to my online bestie, Pinterest, and see what I could make myself for way cheaper and I came up with these three adorable Easter bunting strings. As a member of the HobbyCraft club, I got a £5 voucher for my birthday which covered half the cost of the materials I needed which made it even cheaper!

1. Pastel bunnies with pom-pom tails

You will need:

Pastel coloured card
Bunny template
6 x large white pom-poms
Hot glue gun
Hole punch

This is probably the easiest of all of the ideas that I found and honestly I think it looks the cutest! I printed a bunny template from the internet and then drew around it six times on pastel coloured card. I cut each bunny out and punched a hole in each ear. I use a hot glue gun to stick giant pom-poms on their bottom and then I strung them onto a long piece of pink ribbon. I think these look so cute and I can’t wait to hang this up in my room!

2. 3D Paper eggs

You will need:

Patterned paper
Egg template
Glue stick
Hole punch

This is one is a little bit trickier, purely because the slightest mistake is very noticeable when you attach the eggs together – it’s okay though, you can fix most mistakes later! First I printed an egg-shaped template from the internet and I traced this onto four pieces of matching paper for each 3D egg (I made six 3D eggs so I needed 24 flat eggs.) Once you have traced and cut out all of your flat eggs, organise them so that you have four matching flat eggs for each 3D egg and fold all of the flat eggs in half lengthways. Glue each folded half of the egg onto the half of the next flat egg until all four flat eggs are glued together. You should then have a 3D egg that looks like the picture above. Once you have constructed your 3D egg, trim all of the edges so that it looks neater and punch a hole over the crease at the top of the egg. Finally, thread each egg, evenly along the ribbon and you’re ready to hang it!

3. Pom-pom bunnies with ears

You will need:

White wool
A fork
White foam
Pink foam
Hot glue gun

This is the most difficult of the three strings of bunting but it’s still super easy! First, take a length of white wool, leave a tail to tie with later and wrap the wool all around the fork. Once you have a thick wrap of wool around the fork, use the wool you left out earlier to tie through the center of the prongs. Once you have tied all of the wool together, slide it off the fork and cut through all of the loops to create a pom-pom. If you know another way to make wool into pom-poms, do it however you like as long as you end up with a small pom-pom. You need to make six pom-poms and trim all of the edges to make them look neat, make sure that you leave two long strings to tie them to the ribbon. To make the ears, cut 12 rounded triangles from the white foam and 12 slightly smaller ones from the pink foam. I used the hot glue gun to attach the pink triangles to the white ones and then to attach the ears to the top of the pom-poms. Once you have completed all six bunnies, cut a length of ribbon and tie the bunnies onto the ribbon at regular intervals.

I had so much fun making these super easy Easter crafts, what’s your favourite Easter DIY?

Love always,

Alice x


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