Broke Girls Guide to Self Care

Self-care is so important but I’ve noticed a lot of the things people seem to be doing for self-care are so expensive! I don’t know about anyone else but I don’t have the money to go to the spa, go on holiday or buy myself a whole new outfit! That being said – there are things to can do that don’t cost so much that still help you to feel good and like you’re taking steps to care for yourself.

Change your lock screen to a happy memory

If you’re anything like me, one thing that you cannot help yourself but to check is your phone. Chances are you look at your phone more times than anything else so why not change your lock screen. Change it to a photo that reminds you of a happy time. I love nothing better than that feeling just after you change your lock screen and each time you check your phone it reminds you of that happy time. I try to change my photo at least once a month for this reason.

Watch a movie that you love but haven’t seen in ages

One thing that really makes me feel good is watching a movie. I feel like it gives you a couple of hours to shut out everything else and reset yourself. I think it’s even better if it’s a film that you know and used to watch but haven’t seen in a while. It’s nice because you know what’s going to happen so you don’t have to focus too hard and it gives you a nice feeling.

Portobello Road

Change your bed sheets

I love to change my bed sheets, I would probably do it every day if it wasn’t for the washing! I love the feeling of having a bath, relaxing and then getting into fresh pajamas in clean sheets.

Call a friend

I’m not a big fan of phoning people but there is something nice about catching up with a friend and since it’s not always easy to meet up with people when you’re busy, a phone call works too.

Do something nice for someone else

It’s always good to do something nice for someone else for their sake but on a slightly selfish level, it gives you a good feeling! Doing something nice can be anything from buying someone dinner to just telling them you like what they’re wearing.

Paint your nails, have a bath, do a facemask

Taking care of yourself makes you feel good. There is no greater act of self care than to paint your nails, relax in the bath and take care of your skin. Make time for yourself every week and you will really notice the difference!

Go through your wardrobe and put together an outfit you wouldn’t usually wear

Something which always makes me feel good is when I buy new clothes, obviously that doesn’t quite fit into the ‘broke girls guide.’ Instead, when I can’t afford to buy anything new, I go through my wardrobe and put together some different outfits with the clothes I have already got.


Memory Box

For years, I have been a big fan of making memory boxes. I have tonnes of stuff in a bunch of boxes at my mum house and I have just started a memory box to commemorate my 20th year. If you don’t have a memory box, start one! My first boxes were literally just a shoe box full of anything I picked up such as cinema tickets, bottle corks and napkins. If you already have a memory box, look through it. Remind yourself of the places you’ve been and the things you’ve done.

What’s your top tip for self care on a budget?

Love always,

Alice x


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