Buying a house? | Begining the process

This is going to be a little bit of a chatty, rambly post compared to some of my more recent posts. I did originally start out this blog as an online journal so I figured, since I was stuck for writing ideas, I would do a journal post. This whole post is about starting the process of becoming a first-time buyer and my thoughts and feelings surrounding this. If you have experience of buying a house, please let me know any advice or tips that you have as I would love to know.

Mortgage, deposit, advisor, bank, lender, viewing, appointment. These are all words that are now very much a part of my vocabulary.

Whilst I have always wanted to buy a house, I have never understood the renting process, especially in and around London where you are literally throwing money away. Since my boyfriend and I moved in together we have discussed buying a house. Originally we lived at my mum’s house and now we live with his mum but we can’t wait to get our own space. We have finally got enough money to put a deposit down and it’s time to start the process. Unfortunately, that means entering into a period of stress, appointments with banks and mortgage brokers, house hunting and waiting. It’s also a very expensive process, even without the hefty deposit needed for the house itself.

So far it has been a bit of an emotional and frustrating process and I have done more research into this than I believe I have ever done into anything. I suppose it makes sense, it is probably the biggest purchase of your life, and it’s something you need to do right. For me, since I have always left the money side of things to my dad, my brothers or my boyfriend, I was in at the deep end from the offset. The first night that we properly started looking into mortgages and all of the grown-up boring stuff that comes with owning your first home, I definitely had a moment. There was so much that I didn’t understand and there are so many things to consider and think about; I thought we might be out of the game before we had even begun. Luckily my boyfriend calmed me down and I had some time the next day to do some research and try and wrap my head around things a little better. I still can’t say I understand it all but I’m certainly far more aware of the process than I was before.

So far we have saved our deposit. I say saved, my boyfriend has saved and I have saved in my head. We were also fortunate enough to inherit some money which has really helped matters. Now that we have that, we have started looking at areas and ideas of properties. We have made some appointments with the bank and some mortgage brokers to see where we stand. I am such an impatient and impulsive person and I know that if I was to go and look at a house before a bank tells me how much money they could lend me, I would fall in love and refuse to leave a house that I could never afford.

I actually found getting the appointments quite stressful which surprised me because I honestly thought that would be the easy bit however since I work in the week, most of the time when I am available, the banks are shut. I ended up having to send my details to most of the places and wait for them to call me back. Another issue I am having is that, since I work in a nursery, I have to put my phone away during the day and therefore I put it on airplane mode so that the other phones don’t tap onto it and open anything which drains my battery. This means that when people are trying to ring me, I am fairly unavailable. I did find it quite exciting when I did get a phone call on my lunch break to make an appointment with the mortgage broker because even though it’s all boring and complicated, there is a part of my which loved feeling very grown up! I might be 20 but I certainly don’t always feel like a grown up!

We have barely begun the process and I already can’t wait to find a house and get finished so that I can get moved in and start decorating! I am yet to admit to my boyfriend that I have already got a pretty large Pinterest board for each room of the house which is so far, purely in my head.

Love always,

Alice x


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