Steam Train Experience | 15.04.2018

My boyfriend has regularly, over the time we’ve been together, made a point of telling me he liked trains. He is an odd one but I love him.

Since he, like many adults, earns money and buys anything he wants rather than waiting for his birthday, I really struggled to choose him a birthday present last year. After days of scrolling on every gift site, I could find, I spotted a steam train experience voucher. I figured it would be a great gift and would be an opportunity for us to spend time together. We work opposite days so there isn’t always enough time spent together.

Unfortunately, being as unorganised as my boyfriend is, we didn’t actually get around to arranging the train ride until this weekend! I was very skeptical as I’m not the biggest fan of trains and I didn’t think it was something I was going to enjoy at all but I was pleasantly surprised.

For starters, everything was beautiful and I felt like I was going to Hogwarts! There were lots of stops where you could get off but we decided that we might as well drive about on the train for a bit before we got off at a local country park.

We walked around the country park for a while before we had some toasted sandwiches and chips for lunch. After lunch, we did some more walking whilst we waited for the next train.

I loved this whole experience because not only was the train beautiful and authentic, the stations and the staff really improved the atmosphere. We got on the first train at 10am and left the last train at about 1:30pm and we could have definitely made it last even longer if we had wanted to.

What’s the best ‘experience’ day you’ve ever had?

Love always,

Alice x

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